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How to deal with other people’s opinions?

Hi guys,

This week is going to be a very work-loaded week. I have managed to get all tools needed to get my YouTube channel running and on Saturday there will be the first episode uploaded. Any way, I am very excited about this, but at the same time, there is still so much work to be done. I have first episode of tutorial ready, but there are still little bits and pieces to take care of.

All this made me decide to talk about other’s people opinions today. I don’t know, if you have realised, but very often we are getting opinions, we are not asking for. Like, you’ll say to your friend: “oh, I am going to start my own band!” or “I am going to set up my own business!”. And while you are suspecting some sort of support, you are getting: “It will not work” or “You’ll just waste your time”. As I have been blessed with a lot of this kind of opinions, while informing about my YouTube channel, I would like to talk, what to do with them (or at least what I am doing). I have divided this process into stages, so let’s jump right into first of them:

Stage one: Try to understand, why people are saying this

This might sound funny. Why shall I be interested in the reason of someone’s opinion? It is my life and I need to decide about it. That’s of course true. However, understanding reasoning of other people, gives you another point of view. When you are deciding on some new things, usually you are excited and your brain seems to ignore any hardships you might find on your way.

That’s why it is worth it to spend a while to consider other’s opinions and reasoning behind them. Maybe they had some experience with similar activity, or they just can imagine the whole process much better than you do? Maybe they will just open your eyes on things you have to do before starting and you’ll be more prepared, then you would be without knowing it?

The only thing is to make sure, that other’s opinions aren’t base on their priorities. Make sure, that while listening to them, you’ll make sure that this huge disadvantage mentioned by your fiend, is a disadvantage in your eyes also. Remember, that we are all completely different!

Stage two: Figure out your ability

Using what you have found out from other people and what you knew before, now is the time to see, if you can manage it (I am failing in this stage very often, so I think out of my experience, that this is an important one). And what I mean by, is to ask yourself few questions:

These questions are quite simple and they don’t require anything from you, except a little time. But remember, it is easier to climb the mountain knowing that you have someone to ensure your safety, than being on your own. So being prepared for any hardships might make your journey much easier and less stressful.

Stage three: Have a plan B

If people are saying, that you are going to waste your time (or sometimes you are considering it too), try to thing about other way, how you can use skills you’ll gain, in case if this idea will not work. Will it be considered as an experience in some kind of job, you wouldn’t mind to perform? Or maybe you have another project in your mind and you can use some of the skills? It will give you a peace of mind and help you focus on your tasks.

Stage four: Make a plan and start moving forward

If you weighted your risk and you are more aware of negative possibilities connected to your project, now it is time to plan everything and start your work. It won’t be done itself 😉

I hope this will help you to make decision and make you be able to figure out which opinions are helpful, but which of them aren’t. If you have any advises on this topic, I will be more than happy to read them in the comment section.

But this is it for today. I’ll see you in my next post.


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