What helps me to stop smoking?

Hi guys,

Today is my day off again, as my schedule changed again. And although I have to work during the weekend now, it is more convinient for me to have a Friday for me. First of all, I can get all my things in hospital and other offices sorted, without neccesity of taking a day of, but also it is better for me to have some time to work on my projects, while other people are in work (this is because me and my husband are renting just a room in a shared home, so sometimes it is getting a bit loudly). I don’t mind having people around when I do my work, but recording when there are a lot of sounds in the background is quite annoying (especially, that my microphone is not very professional).

And, as I usually do, when I have a day off, today I have spent eight hours working on my computer and getting my stuff done. But, because I started at 5am (I haven’t started my challenge again; simply something woke me up early), I was done by 1pm. And I realised one thing: if I can put all my heart into something, I really can succeed. Today I realised, that since my post about leaving smoking (so almost two weeks) I haven’t stop smoking (it woud be huge lie), but I reduced amount of cigarettes to just one before going to bed. And although going through the day is being very hard sometimes (especially during day off, when I have to keep distracting myself from smoking), I am able to manage it. In the evening it’s much harder, as need for nicotine keeps me awake, that’s why I decided to keep this one cigarette a day in my routine.

But what is the greatest thing in all this situation, is that even smoking this cigarette doesn’t make me break my rule all the way. And even though I will still need to get rid of it as soon as my brain will get used to much lower intake of nicotine, I count it as a huge achievement.

As I have tried a lot of things to stop, and it didn’t work for me, I will give you some advise, which might help you (remember, that every one is different; but it will not harm to try): if you are trying to stop, try to keep one cigarette during the day. The one, which is the hardest to get rid of (like in my case, before bed; but it might be different time for you) and any time when you want to smoke other time than this agreed one, just simply tell yourself: “Look, there are only X hours left, after you can smoke”. Next time, simply: “Ok, last time it was X hours, now is X- (whatever it is). You did so great, just let’s do something, so time will pass” and so on. And make sure you have some hard candy by you or any other snack of your choice. While talking to yourself (it sound a bit mad; but my dad used to say: sometimes I have to talk yo myself, otherwise I would never talk to anyone on my level 😉 ), just put a candy in your mouth and try to get distracted by anything.

And it is not proven by medicine, for me smoking so much as I did and one cigarette now, is like going from the Earth to the moon and back. Just unbelievable! And as this small success will become normal for you, getting rid of one cigarette a day will be easy. You already eliminated so many, didn’t you?

It works for me. Just knowing, that I am going to smoke this one time a day, makes me more calmer. And I believe, that sooner than later, I will be able to say with huge pride: “I stopped smoking by myself”.

And with this thought I am going to end this post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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