Another absence and another good news

Hi guys,

Today I am returning again. I have spent some more time in hospital and although I prepared some posts in advance, I haven’t schedule them (aplaud for me for that). However, they have managed to bring my pregnancy to save point and even if I am still not allowed to go to work, I am able to attend my university, what I have done today. And at the moment, we are hoping for the best. The only thing what have left is to wait for my regular appointment taking place within next few weeks.

Any way, now relieved, I wish to be able to finally keep with my schedule on this post and on my YouTube channel. On this second one it was much harder, because as I just rewatched my recently prepared videos, it turned out, that my voice is barely hearable, so I need to re-record it again. And hopefully, now I will be able to record a voiceover and take care of my YouTube channel too. I still feel a bit exausted, but they said it’s normal due to the treatment I had. Any way, now I am able to function without stress eating me. I am still not completely calm, it has been quite hard begining, but knowing that everything became as it should be is a life-changer.

So again, this has been a short post, just to explain my absence. And hopefully, this time I’ll see you regularly in my post appearing according to schedule.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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