Why is it so hard to come back to work after a break?

Hi guys,

Today I am hopefully coming back to the schedule. Unfortunately, first trimester of my pregnancy turned out to be a very hard time. I had to take more than 1 month off in my work, as I was so tired, that I couldn’t drag myself out of the bed. At the same time I am very happy, because last scan, I had on Thursday brought very good news to us and full of excitement, we are waiting for a new member of our family, who so far is making very well.

And as I feel much better now and I am starting to have much more energy than before, I’ve decided that this is the time to come back to my blogging schedule. Today is my first day in my uni after the break and first week of work too.

I have to admit, that I got used to spending the entire day in bed and it spoiled me completely. But as I am aware of importance of being active during pregnancy, I feel quite positive about returning to my normal life.

And being lazy is a topic of my todays post. Or maybe not being lazy on it’s own, but returning to work after fairly long break.

As I mentioned before, having an opportunity not to do anything for over a month, made me pretty lazy. As I am starting writting this post, I am on the way to my uni – fifteen minutes late already and I need at least fifteen minutes more. Eventhough, I woke up on time, I still couldn’t manage to leave my home early enough. I have to admit, it made me a bit frustrated. It would be much different, if I would wake up too late; but being late just because I couldn’t manage to get ready on time isn’t ok.

As my experience suggests, there had to be something, what was stopping me, without me being aware of it. And as I thought of it in deph, I found few reasons for that, which I am going to share with you:


This might seem a bit odd. After all, we are coming back to familiar places, where very often we have spent great part of our lives. There are most likely same people, same duties… But there is one thing, that have changed and these are things which happened while we were away. Most likely our coleagues will be talking about recent events, they will be going through them over and over again and we will not know, what they are talking about.


This is as well connected to fear. But it is some different kind of a fear. This is much subconcious. Our mind doesn’t like changes. And even if it is something what we have been doing for a long time, it need a while to get used to it again. Although, you are happy that you are going back (they are people, who love what they do 😉 ), you might feel deeply inside of you, that something doesn’t feel right.

Strength of habits

Ok, you had so much time to rest and you probably managed to build a new routine, which now has to be forgotten. You can’t sacrifice a hour a day to watch netflix, you can’t drink your usual cup of coffee or tea without rush, and you can’t take as much time to rest. Even if your holiday was sacrifised to working on your personal projects, now you don’t have as much time for it.


This is probably the worst. You had so much time to spare and you might realised, that you haven’t taken the adwantage of it. It might make your come-back-to-work day much harder than it should be. You couldn’t manage it during holiday, how are you going to manage it now? Well, probably you still can, it will be just a bit harder, but you can do it!

And these are all my thoughts about it. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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