Another point of view about changes

Hi guys,

As I said last time, I am returning to my schedule and this is the first post being on track. I have decided to postpone it a bit, because of all my deadlines in university and Christmas preparation, but here I am. I can’t believe that I have managed with catching up in my university. At the beginning it seemed manageable, but as I started working on all assignments, I’ve realised that there is much more to do than I thought. Any way, everything is ready now, so let’s move into today’s topic.

I am about to touch the subject, I have been talking about on this blog many times. However, today I would like to share a bit different point of view at it. Today, I am going to figure out, if there is as many changes as I thought there are. Obviously, they are some. Our environment changes, people around us change and finally each of us changes too. We experience new things every day and as a result we start looking at everything in a bit different way. And here came my question: as our perception changes, is it possible that in reality nothing else changes? Is it possible that because of the fact that we change, we look differently at things and we think they have changed, while we are the ones who are different?

I would like to share with you two examples. First of them are all the things we used to like as a children, but we don’t like them any more. In my case, there will be a lot of cartoons I used to watch as a child. That time they seemed very interesting and funny, I couldn’t forgive myself, when I missed even one episode (especially that at that time it was impossible to catch up online after) and basically it was so huge part of my life. Recently, I have been watching some of them again with my cousins and I can say that some of these old cartoons are valuable (however much more boring than they seemed to be in the past), while the other are just stupid. And looking for something funny in them does not make any sense.

The other thing is Christmas. I remember that as a child I used to wait for it since summer holiday ended. I couldn’t wait to meet my cousins, all family, to find out what Santa Claus is going to leave under the tree… All this made this time very special. It was hard to wait so long and so many times I wished that Christmas happened more than once in a year. At the moment, there is no such excitement. There are gifts, there is a family and of course I still enjoy it. But it is not the same any more. Maybe it is because of all magic, I used to believe as a child. Well, I don’t any more… And although Christmas is still very similar to this from my childhood, there are same people (more or less) coming to celebrate, the whole experience is completely different. Not as joyful as it used to be.

These two examples (well, I have some more, but I think you’ve got the point 🙂 ) shows, some things, which haven’t changed in a long time. But the way how we look at them make them completely different, than they used to be. So sometimes it might be worth it to stop and ask this one question:

Did anything change around me? Or it is just me, looking at it in the different way?

And with this questions I am going to leave you today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I see you on Wednesday. I wish you a very productive day


PS. By the way, I hope your Christmas were amazing and very merry. I haven’t got chance to wish you all the best before 😉 And of course I wish you a happy New Year!

Don’t wait for “perfect time”, as the time you are having might be the best of this ahead of you

Hi guys,

Today was the day, when I’ve realised I should make a lot of changes. First of all, I need to update this blog (which I am going to do during the weekend, hopefully), as the purpose of me sharing with you slightly changed. I might change it visualy, if I will find something more appealing.

But also I have been watching my videos on YouTube and the time to change them came as well. Maybe it is my perfectionism, but I think it is not as it should be. You can’t really learn too much from them, some things require more explanation. So next week, apart of me preparing for my exam and working on my assignments, I will be focused on this.

This last few weeks have been very rough for me. I always wanted to have a lot of children, but as my pregnancy progresses, I am starting to change my mind. I haven’t suspected that it is going to have so huge impact on me. Especially, that this is the thing being done by so many women every day. Unfortunatelly, it turned out to be extremely hard to stay awake during the day, even though I am sleeping well during the night. But as the first trimester came to the end and second came with my well-being increased, I am hoping that now everything will go up-hill.

Any way, as I finally started to feel a bit better and unexpected visits in hospital ended too, I’ve decided that there will not be a better time to start getting things done.

This reminds me about my dad’s words: “There is no such a thing like perfect time. If you want to achieve something, you need to work for it, even, if the time seems to be the worse in your time. At the end of the day, you don’t know if it isn’t the best time you are going to have up to end of your life.” And there is so much truth in these words. As older I am getting, as more I understand them. Life is not getting easier. There are more and more responsibilities, so waiting for this perfect time seem less and less possible. Maybe this is one of these things, which you don’t understand till you will gain some experience?

Any way, I’ve decided this is the best time to set to work and catch up with everything. I wish to get ahead with this blog and with my YouTube channel, as I can imagine that having a new member in a family might turn our lives the whole 180°. Probably at the beginning it is not going to be the easiest time.

I know that all this seems like I am complaining, but I’m really not. The fact of having a little person, part of me, is actually very exciting. And as this blog is supposed to be my motivation to do as much as I can, I need to say, that this not even born yet child is playing this role much better. It’s just a thing, that I want to be able to give him or her (as we don’t know the gender yet) the best future I can. I wish to be able to show the whole world to this little human and to be able to let him or her find and maintain a passion, which will possibly be his/her way of earning money and hopefully a source of joy and fullfilment.

This might seem easy, but it is not actualy. Sometimes to find passion, we need to try a lot of differnt things, even if it is only to find out that this is not that thing. And this might or might not be connected with signing for different activities. My biggest dream at the moment is to make sure, that I will not have to say “no” to my child, when it will want to try something, just because we can’t afford to sign for particular classes.

And although it is extremely hard at the moment, it will be worth it at the end. It is worth it to suffer a bit now, but be able to watch how part of me is going to grow, learn how to be a good person and what most important, it is worth it to be a part of all othe whole proccess.

So, as you could realise, this post is my coming back post. I just threw everything from my mind (that’s why it might be a bit chaotic) and now I am ready to come back with my regular posts.

So for now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.