How to find first customer?

Hi guys,

Today, I’ve decided to write about one of the possibilities to make starting of your own business much easier without need of investing a huge amount of money (at least not in the beginning). However, you need to be aware, that you have to pay for everything (there is nothing free in this world), the only difference will be the currency. In case of this example, currency is your time.

So let me explain: imagine that you have created an amazing product or you have great service to offer. The only problem is, that as for now only you know about it. There are no customers yet, no feedback. And here the problem starts: you need to market whatever you have to offer. Find this first customer, who will happily buy something from you. And it might seem simple: just advertise yourself online. Not a problem at all, isn’t it?

Well, sometimes you might be right. But you need to be aware that potential customers don’t know you yet. They have no idea what kind of person you are or anything what they would like to know to feel more confident to buy something from you (you know, you might be fair, but there are many scammers out there, who will offer unbelievably great stuff, which turn out to be just waste of money). People will be right not to trust you just because you said you are good (at the end, they are about to pay money, they worked hard for).

But there is some solution for this problem. Even before your product is ready, you should try to build some social proof. You could go for the fake one, but believe me, you will loose on it very quickly. Or you can actually show to your potential customers that they shouldn’t be worried to trust you. Probably there are many options available to achieve this, however the one I am going for is to give some value for free. And here you have a lot of options: you can start a blog, a YouTube channel or whatever else you will want to. The only requirement is that you’ll give some kind of value to your audience and that you will not charge them for that.

Let’s talk about charging first. Why is it so important not to charge your audience for the content they are getting, especially if you need to spend a lot of time preparing it? The answer is simple. People need to learn, that you are capable of providing value for them. They need to see with their own eyes, that what you have to offer, does actually have some value. That they can learn something from it. And something what sorts their problem, answer some question or simply entertain (if this is the direction, you are going for).

As you are sharing your knowledge regularly, people get to know you. They start trusting you and they like things you are doing. It brings one more advantage for you, which is: you already have audience to introduce your product/service to them. On your platform of choice, without paying huge amount of money for advertisement. It is win, win! People will get what they need and you will be able to get your feedback (especially, if you really did put all your heart into your project and as a result you are offering something of great quality and affordable price).

In my case, the platform I’ve chosen is YouTube. As my first product will be connected with education, I am going to offer there a free tutorials (I have started it some time ago, but I’ve realised, that it was not really planned as it should be, and since this Friday I am starting my new better set up tutorial). Although, I know that it will be a lot of extra work for me, I am also sure that this will help me in the future, when my product is ready to be sold.

But as I said, before you go for anything, you need to know what your product is about and are the people you want to offer it to. Are they children or adults? Male or female? And this is how you have structure your language. To make sure they will feel in the bottom of their hearts that this is being made for them.

And with this thought I am going to leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.