Responsibility in work world

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about a topic, which might seem not connected to any kind of productivity and motivation. However, as a person who is looking for motivation to work on my own service-related projects, I see it as a very important aspect of all I am doing. And this topic is: responsibility.

In our life we need to take responsibility for many aspects. As children, we take a responsibility for our grades, chores and behaviour; as adults we have bills to pay, possibly families to look after, work… This list might seem never ending. I personaly gained new responsibility recently, which is my son. Although, he is little now, I am already starting to thing about a plan to help him become the best version of himself in the future. All this can be a bit overwhelming. But today I would like to talk just about one aspect of responsibility, which is responsibility for your business.

It doesn’t really matter how big your company is, how many people you are employing and what your company does. Or it doesn’t even have to be a company, you could be a freelancer, or work for someone. Whatever you do, you should feel sense of responsibility for your work-related actions. I have met a lot of people for whos work is just a time spend in a work place and getting money for it. No matter, if they are doing any job or just playing around for all day. Also I saw businesses owners, for whom the most important thing is income, while quality of their products or services leaves a lot to improve.

So let’s make it clear, why responsibility is important in work world. To make it easier I divided it for three points of view:


If you are an employee, you might have a feeling that this is not your company, so you don’t need to care. The only problem is that this company is paying you for a work, which is required for company to survive. You still might think that it is not your problem, but when you look at your work place as like you would look for your source of income, you will quickly realise that success of company will help you keep your job.

Also there is another aspect: if you sign contract where you have specified to do certain job, but you are not doing it, means that you are steeling money from your employer. You are getting paid for something, you haven’t done.

Freelancer/one person company

Offering services or products to customer is connected to neccessity of providing the highest possible quality. First of all, you are responsible for your product. If customer will get hurt by your product (because for example some loose part), you will be charged for this. Second of all, if you will sell poor quality product to your customer, you might be sure that he will not come back to you (plus he will writte opinion about your product and get some other people to look for different source to get what they need).

Company owner

This includes same responsibilities as in case of freelancers, but additionally you are responsible for your employees safety and well being. First of all, you are responsible for making sure, that work is safe for people and take all actions to keep potential risks at minimum. But also you are responsible for their sustainance. Your bankrupcy means, that your employees will loose their jobs, they might be left with no money to provide for their families. Also delaying salaries might cause your employees to fall into debts, as bills need to be paid on time and everyone needs to eat.

This are all my thought in this topic. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I wish you very productive day and I will see you in my next post.