Are failures pointless?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about failures. What is my opinion about them and how to cope with their consequenses.

But before this, let me explain what is a failure in my understanding? I would consider anything as a failure, if two condition are met: I have to work on something myself and expectations I had before starting my job are not met at the end of it. What I mean by that? Let’s say, at the moment I am trying to set up my business and my expectation is that some day it will start being profitable. Now, if I want to decide whether it is a failure, I have to finish working on it. That means, if I will decide that my work is pointless and just resign and I will not get any profit out of it, I will say: “It was a failure”.

So let’s talk about the way, how to deal with it. To do so, I will take an example with setting up your company. So, you’ve spent a lot of time researching, preparing all resources needed to work, maybe you’ve created some product, stocked the warehouse with some materials to produce… so what now?

I can see two options, bad and good. Bad one is that you can just give up, forget and find a full-time job. Why is it bad? Because failures happen for some reason. They are a lesson you’ve got from life to learn from your mistakes. Giving up and forgetting means that you haven’t take chance of this opportunity. It is hard of course, but it will make you stronger and wiser, if you would like to try the other time.

Good one is to take an advantage of this lesson. Analyse problem and try to figure out what went wrong. If you would manage to figure out how to improve your actions next time (if you fell in debt, getting some full-time job temporary might be a good thing) and come up with another idea, you will be one step closer to succeed this time. Maybe you were just this only one step away when you failed?

And according to me, it is also a good thing, if you will learn your lesson, but decide that business is not your thing. I know many people, who wouldn’t start their business, just because they don’t want to cope with stress connected to it on a daily basis. And this is wise decission after all. If you were to do something you don’t enjoy and what exhaust you mentaly, it might be worth it to look for the other way and not to struggle.

I hope this post was helpful. This is it for today. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.