What should you learn from a child?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about self-development, but from a bit different perspective. We all know so many various tips and tricks on becoming a better, healthier, more productive person. We can read books about it, watch videos and despite of knowing all these advices, still there is something missing. Like one piece of the jigsaw puzzle which has been lost a while. You can see the picture without it, but just knowing that it is not there triggers something inside. I personally think, that jigsaw puzzle comparison is very accurate, as in fact most of use have lost a small piece, which is a child’s mindset.

We have replaced it with advanced planning, thinking about the future and basically trying to have everything under control. However, life doesn’t work this way. Such thing does not exist. And even when we seem to have a control over some aspects of our life, this control stands on pillars of sand. It can collapse in the most unexpected moment. We simply can’t predict what is going to happen even in the next minute (you know, this is how most of accidents happen).

But in this world of uncertainty, there is a huge group in every society, who can adapt to new situations pretty quickly and who seems to embrace new things. This group are children.

I am personally lucky mother of 17-months-old boy, who is become more and more interested in everything around here. There is no more: ‘my space’ or ‘my belongings’ in my home. Well, this phrases exist still, but only when my son is asleep. It is such a shame, though, that I am pretty much done too at the time. I had no idea that changing, feeding and chasing this little munchkin could be so exhausting! And, by the way, where children are taking so much energy from? But coming back to our topic: since I’ve had my son, I’ve started wondering, how is it possible that he can learn new thing almost each and every day. And I’ve observed some characteristics, that I am missing. In today’s post I would like to share them with you.

Interest in everything

This is the thing, which I am missing since my later school years. I used to think that I don’t need to learn subjects which I simply find boring. Although, my son is still far before going to school, I see him exploring everything around him. He tries copying everyone around him. All this makes him learn so many things every day.

As we are getting into a certain age, we are less likely to try new things. We prefer to stick to our routine and not to go out of our comfort zone. Having our eyes attached to all the screens around, we are forgetting just to look around and see the beauty of the world. There is no place in our life to stop and wonder for a while, how it is made, what makes it work, etc. But the truth is, that ideas are being reused in different fields and in each of them, they have completely different role to play. Most of inventions are inspired by the nature or other existing things. But how can we get our inspiration, if we don’t even have a time to look for it?


The other important thing I can see in my son is persistence. He is trying to get what he wants, till he manages to get it. Same is with the new skills. He taught himself walking without any aids like baby walkers or holding someone’s hand. He kept trying and trying till he managed to walk on his own. It took him a while, he did fall many times, but he managed.

As I can say for myself, even the smallest obstacle or failure stops me from getting into my goal. I am giving up very easily and as a result, I am starting a lot of projects, but there are just a few brought to an end. Having a child’s persistence is a very valuable characteristic.

Not caring about other’s opinion

My son is a kind of child (I thin they all are at some point), when he doesn’t take ‘No’ as an answer. He will try to fight to get what he wants no matter what. Although, it is a bit frustrating for me at some point, I thing it is very useful characteristic too.

As adults, we’ve been taught about so many rules for the society’s members. We have to follow the law and respect older. We need to obey our religion, we have to follow all regulations. All this made us unwilling to fight for what we want. One ‘No’ answer very often make us stop to look for other solution. We are just giving up and forgetting what we even wanted. And of course I am not telling you to stop following all rules or anything like this, but to try to look for some solutions to your problems and other ways to achieve your goals, even if it seems impossible.

And that are three characteristics that I think are very important and we, as we were growing up, have forgotten them. What other people would think about us, have made us not think what we our self will think.

I hope this post was interesting for you. For today I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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