Fear of success

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk a bit about one of the factors, which in my opinion, decreases our motivation and what goes with it, our productivity. Most of us already know that we can be scared of failure. It has a bit to do with other’s opinion. We don’t want to be the ones called looser, so often we don’t take the risk. But what with about success? Could it be scary too? Is it possible that something we are dreaming about, is actually holding us back? And if yes, why is it so?

I’ve been asking myself these questions for some time now. And I came to two conclusions. First one is very similar to being scared of failure, which is other people opinion. The second one is the lack of purpose. Let me elaborate it a bit.

Starting from people’s opinion, in an ideal world, when we succeed, we should experience joy and hear a lot of congratulations. ‘In the ideal world’ are keywords here. Most of us probably heard about someone achieving their goal and we heard people insinuating about it. Something like when a person buys an expensive car, there is someone saying: ‘He must have stolen money for it’ or ‘She must have had an affair with her boss’. Probably most online creators can agree, that as soon as their work became more popular and recognised, there were more and more mean comments just for a sake of spoiling one’s mood.

The other one is the lack of purpose. Having our dreams makes our actions directed towards achieving them. As soon as we get where we want, what are we supposed to do? Of course after a while of happiness that comes at first. We might lose a direction, fall into stagnation. The solution for that is to simply have a list of goals and as we achieve one, we can start our journey towards the next one. But for this, we have to start dreaming big and split our huge goals into manageable steps. This way, we always have some route to follow. And we can reduce (if not eliminate) lack of purpose out of our life.

That’s all I wanted to share with you in this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I will be delighted to read them. For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Where is the world we know?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with me some thoughts regarding the current situation basically all over the world. And reading this post, you could be taking a different place. I personally know people, who are panicking and if they could, they would close themselves in the basement with all the toilet paper and pasta they bought. Some of my friends, on the other hand, don’t believe that this virus exists and all this is done to control people all over the world. There are also people somehow between that. They believe that virus exists and it is dangerous for some group of people, but not all. So they do not need to worry, as they are out of the risk.

I could discuss my opinion here. What and why I think a certain way, but because I am not an expert, I won’t. I wouldn’t give you advise if you came to me with any medical problem, as lack of my knowledge in this field could put your health or even life in danger. We have exactly the same thing here. Coronavirus is a disease and I simply don’t feel educated enough to speak publicly about it.

However, whether you believe that this virus exists or not, it has a huge impact on your and your family’s life. You could lose your job, or maybe you have been put on unpaid leave, your children are at home, while you might be working from home too. A lot of services are taking longer, we went through a phase, where shelves in shops were pretty much empty. There were cases when mothers couldn’t buy nappies for their children, simply because they weren’t available. Many people became homeless. For many families, the future is as unsure as it never was. All this is being called ‘the new normal’ and most of us got used to it already. Especially that most of the restriction has been lifted and we are able to live our ‘new normal life’ in a bit more similar way to our old normal.

Did it make it better? Well, definitely did. But we are still living in ‘the new normal’ reality. There are many people looking for jobs and realising that there isn’t as many. We don’t know if or rather when the lockdown will take place again. How many more companies will bankrupt? Will we be able to survive? And finally, how the world will look like when coronavirus will get under control, no matter what does it mean. How long it will take for people to gain trust that there is no risk? How long it will take for the economy to return to the state from before? Will it ever be the same?

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this question. We need to wait to see what will happen. Most of us knew since the very long time that world changes constantly. Our world is different than the one our parents lived in, their was different than their parent’s one and so one. But I don’t think any of us suspected that it can change so fast. That is a matter of months, the entire world will be at home waiting for news and hoping they will be good.

So here we all are, trying to adjust, missing our families and looking forward to the time, when ‘our new normal’ will become ‘used to be normal’ and we will be free to live our lives as we want again. We hope, that we will manage to survive and that all this will become just an interesting story for our grandchildren. Many of us will probably start it something like this:

‘In 2020 all our lives turned over by 180 degrees. We’ve got an opportunity to realise how unstable our world could be, that one event might make us lose everything we have. But also in 2020, we understood what really is important in life: family, friends and all people around. Because when we were locked at home, with all the technology, with all money we had, we understood how much we missed our closest ones. We will never forget this feeling’.

I want to end this post slightly unusually. I would like to ask you for a favour for yourself. As soon as it will be safe, visit your friends and family and give each of them the biggest hug you are able too. And remember to appreciate all those who care about you, as they are more important than all the goods and wealth you’ll ever be able to collect.

And that’s it for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Social approval

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about something what, in my opinion, all of us know. And yes, I was supposed to post an opinion about the book. But I am forced to do so next week. I hope you will forgive me 😉

But for now, let’s move to the topic of this post. Need for social approval exists in us since the early childhood years. As soon as we are starting playing with other children, we are getting more and more ‘dependent’ on their opinion. On the beginning, we might have just cried when other kids wouldn’t play with us, we wanted to have toys or clothes similar to them. But as time goes, we basically kept changing our opinions according to the trends ruling in a group of our closest friends. And finally, there is the time coming, when we realise that all this was for nothing and we simply start discovering our own style. We could say we are growing out of this. But do we, really?

As I’ve started this blog, I’ve heard a lot of voices from my closest ones that this is just a waste of time and my energy. They were using an argument that it will not make me any money. No one understood, that not everything has to be made for money. That I might need a place, where I just spill my thoughts out without worrying about how much I am going to make. And here I am, in my third year of blogging. I haven’t earned a penny since then, but I haven’t even tried. But I’ve got a lot of satisfaction. Each comment, each like. It seems nothing, but I take it as I made someone’s life a bit better. Maybe they’ve learned something from me, maybe they are in a similar situation and got reassured that there will be a better day, or perhaps they just had a bit of reading they’ve enjoyed. No matter what, it is worth it.

Having a blog is like having a psychologist who doesn’t give advice, but let me figure them out myself. It is like a journal, where I can throw all my thoughts to just empty my head. And it is also a place, where I can go back and see what was in my head a year or two ago. Place, where I can see how I’ve changed and judge, if I am going in the right direction.

But why I am telling you about all that? I just hope, that at least the only advice you’ll take from this post, is you do you. Whatever brings a smile on your face or just let you relax and forget about your problems, even for a while, this is what you should be doing. And don’t worry, if people say you are wasting your time or make fun of you. If you enjoy it, that’s what matters.

And I hope you’ll find your thing if you haven’t so far or if you did, that you will do it with your head held high. This thought is the last I wanted to share with you in today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Three things I didn’t know before having a child?

Hi guys,

Today I will share with you some truth about life, I had no idea about before my son was born. In many religions children are seen as a gift, great blessing from God. But whether you are religious or not, I will share with you my observations on this topic. I might not know everything yet, as my son is just 1.5 years old, but I’ve already noticed a lot of changes in my life.

So here are my subjective truths about life:

You feel like getting your things sorted

If you have been following my blog for a longer time, you probably know, that I am master of procrastinating. If procrastination was a valuable skill, I can guarantee, I would be a millionaire (if I wouldn’t procrastinate it too. I used to always have so many excuses. And my to-do list was getting longer and longer each day (well, it still does, but this time I really have a reason). Sometimes for hours I was trying to convince myself to start doing any of my tasks, but it just never worked. Sometimes I wouldn’t drag myself out of the home. I just felt that I am too tired. Oh, past me, you have never knew what tired mean! But still you used words like exhausted.

Since I have my son, I kind of have to use any time I have to do something, otherwise I might not get an opportunity to do so later. Plus, there is one more aspect. I could think about not working, leaving in the cheapest place in the world, but now I am responsible for this small human being, who gives me so much joy each and every day. I just feel in my heart, that I want to do as well, as it is only possible to make his start into adulthood easier. I also wish that when he will be ready to start his own family, we will have our own home, where he will be able to come with his wife and my grandchildren; where there will be mommy’s dinner waiting on the table. Just simple his place, where he will be able to come and stop, even if just for a while.

You can really stretch time

As a student or young working women, I used to think that there is so much to be done each day, that it is impossible to accomplish. I used to come back from school or later from work and felt so exhausted, that I couldn’t even think about cleaning or cooking. Working on any personal project was literally impossible; because when? And this way my life was passing by, just near me. All the skills I wanted to learn, all the project I haven’t participate in because lack of time… It will never come back to me.

On the other hand now, having just 3 to 4 hours a day for my personal work and cleaning, cooking, etc., I’ve realised how much I can get done, if I’ll focus on my tasks. And as I said many times in this blog, the way how productive I am isn’t perfect, probably it will never be. But just simple fact that I know I have just these 3 to 4 hours help me the most productive me and at least moving forward a bit each day.

Cold coffee isn’t that bad

Although I seem more productive than I used to be, I also have to stay awake sometimes for the entire night. This happens when my son has his stomach problem, it used to happen when he was teething or when he had an awful rush. I can’t plan when he is going to sleep, how long he is going to sleep or anything really. And I think that this is the think all mother know: the fact that you’ve made your coffee, doesn’t mean you’ll get to drink it soon. On the other hand, it is so hard to go through the day without this extra kick of caffeine. Especially, if you were drinking a lot of it before having your child.

All this makes your brain thinking of any way to get your coffee as soon as it is only possible. I am pretty much sure that first person in the world who did put a mug full of coffee into microwave was a mother. I used to do it myself, as I couldn’t stand drinking it cold. But as time went and my son became more and more demanding, plus he wants me to share EVERYTHING with him, my only way to get a coffee is to keep sipping it, sometimes for many hours, when he doesn’t look. It is easier with tea, because as long as it is not too strong I can let him get one or two sips. But because of health hazard (and of course fear of extra kick of energy in a toddler who seem overactive and never tired already) coffee is out of the picture for years to come.

And these are all three things I’ve learned. I am aware that my posts are much shorter than they used to be and they are more of my thoughts without any research recently. There are no more post strictly on productivity or motivation, but still I am trying to smuggle some of the tips or just my opinions about some aspects of it. But I hope to get on the top of my disastrous home by the end of the week and I will put much more effort into writing them.

For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


The most important lesson of productivity

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you the most important thing (at least in my opinion), that you have to know about the productivity. Something, what not every productivity guru will tell you (just to clarify, I don’t think I am any kind of productivity guru; I am just a small blogger sharing her struggle with everyday life).

There was a time when I shared with you that my to-do list is huge, as I have procrastinated too much. I was working my guts off to get on the top of it, but no matter how much I did, there were so many new tasks coming in, that I couldn’t manage it any way.

In the last week, I felt again how it is to get my to-do list overloaded with urgent things to do. Some time ago, we had an accident at home, as our neighbours flooded us and the ceiling in one of the rooms started falling down. Fortunately, this was our spare room, so no one has been hurt. Unfortunately, this was a spare room and we turned it into the place where we kept all stuff that we wanted out of our sight. And here is the part, which makes me ashamed of myself, which is that there were bags still unpacked since we moved in, which means since December.

Last week, while my landlord fought with the insurance company, I was trying to get it sorted. I won’t lie, I haven’t managed to do it yet. There were some bags with our clothes, my son’s clothes that are meant to be given away or sold, as they don’t fit him any more, little bits and pieces of everything you could imagine. Two bags of documents waiting to be sorted… And there is still one big wardrobe of bags which I haven’t even touched yet.

Last week my washing machine was working constantly during the day. Although I managed to wash everything from that room, our regular washing bins are already overfilling. I don’t want to even mention a huge pile of ironing waiting for me on the sofa in the living room. This is the hardest part, as I can iron only when my son sleeps. He loves all kind of wires, so he is tempted to pull the iron down each time when I turn to put an ironed clothes back. So just for his safety, I don’t iron when he is awake.

There is a lot of complaining in this post, you could say. And you would be right. But I also think, I have a right to complain. I have a right to feel overwhelmed. And this is today’s the most important thing you have to know. Although planning is very important for being productive, there will be a time when everything goes different than you planned. It might put you down and you have the full right to give up and take time to feel whatever you feel. You are just a human and so much as human.

The only thing is that make sure you’ll get yourself together quickly and come back on track as soon as it is possible. Get as much done as you can and eventually you’ll manage to get on the top of whatever happened. This is what I am saying, sitting in a home looking like a hurricane went through it. But regardless, I just feel, that I will manage to get it done soon.

And this is all I wanted to share with you today. I wish you as less hurricanes in your life as it is possible. But I also wish you the strength to go through your hurricanes, as they are there to make you stronger.

Have a productive day.


How to set goals to make them happen?

Hi guys,

Being a person, it is normal that we have something we try to achieve. Our goals might be small and not complicated at all, but they can seem like a trip to the moon too. The second group of goals is the one where a lot of things never happens. Often we don’t even try to get closer, as we are just sure that we will not be able to get there.

Today, I will try to explain to you how to make these goals realistic in our heads and how to set them, so we are actually getting closer to achieving them.

As an example, I will make buying a home. I feel like many of us might dream about it and at the same time, it might seem like something impossible to do. We might think that we earn too less or that our credit score is so low. Or whatever else the reason is. I also think, that buying a home is quite a complicated task itself, which makes it a great example to explain it. It is also one of my goals, so I went through these steps myself, which makes it much easier for me to talk about.

So with setting such a big task, the best thing is to go from general to specific. In that case, our goal will be just to buy a home. It is quite straightforward. Not much to explain.

Next step is a bit more complicated. Here you need to come out with all the things you think must happen. You don’t have to think about the order at this point, just write everything that comes to your mind. It could be something like: ‘I need to find a property’, ‘I need to save my deposit money’, ‘I need to get a mortgage’… You can come with as many things as you can. But let’s say you came up just with these three.

The third step is to put your list in the right order. I mean, you will probably not look for a property to buy, if you still haven’t got any savings for a deposit. It would be pretty much waste of time, as till you’ll save enough your dream property might be bought by someone else. On the other hand, you will not get a mortgage, if you haven’t found a home and you will not be able to buy a home if you will not get a mortgage. That makes these steps on the same level.

Having this done, you need to take your first thing from your list and analyse it properly. You can make a sublist to decide where you can get this extra money from. Just come up with as many ideas as you can. It can be something like finding an extra job, reducing going out for dinner, selling all unnecessary stuff, or whatever fits your situation. After take the next thing and also make a list of what has to happen or if it is a simple task, just write all your options to achieve it. And when you’ll get point go through your list and see which of these simple tasks you can start working on now. You might start saving money towards a deposit, you could also try to improve your credit score if it is low, maybe you could find an additional source of income to speed the things up.

As you’ll get this first steps almost done, start working on all next steps you can think of. Let’s say you already have a fair sum of money saved, so you can start looking on properties within your budget or see how much more will you need for the property, which is more expensive. You can start talking to banks to find out how much they can borrow you and what you can do to improve the deal you’ll get from them. All this will depend on the steps you will come up with on the beginning.

But to sum up, the main thing is to split a huge goal into as small tasks as you only can. And keep getting them done one by one. The other important thing is to review your tasks from time to time. Maybe you found out that you will need some insurance, or you’ll have to do some other things you couldn’t know when you were just dreaming, but you found out on the way?

I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


10 habits that will change your life for better

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about some habits, that have great power to make our life easier and more productive. I’ve started incorporating them into my daily routine and although many of them aren’t my everyday thing yet, I can already see how better my day is when I do this easy (as we could think) activities.

So without further explanations, let’s move to all those life-changing habits.

Get up early

This is the one I am struggling with the most. Especially, since I had my son (ok, he is just an excuse, I had a problem with this before he was born too).

However, every day, when I manage to get up before him, I have some time for myself, I can get ahead with my tasks (at least these requiring me to focus). Having this one or two hours each day, when everyone is asleep makes a lot of the difference.

Of course, I could tell you to wake up at any ‘optimal’ time, but such perfect time does not exist. I’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles about the power of getting up at 6 am, or 5 am. Some even swear to everything that is important to them that 4 am is the time when you should get up and start your day.

Although I believe them, I still don’t agree with them. I don’t think getting up at 4 am would do any good for a person, who let’s say finished their shift just two hours before. But the fact is, that if you’ll get up earlier before your normal schedule, it will definitely help. At least if you won’t spend this time scrolling through your social media.

Open all windows at your home as soon as you wake up

This seems to be so random and not important thing, that I wouldn’t bother to do this. I’ve read about this so many time before, but I have never seen any purpose of it. Of course, I did open them at some point during the day but didn’t see why would I open them as a first thing after waking up.

Well, when I started to follow it, I had to admit it has changed my life. First of all, my home is fresh and airy before I am done with making breakfast. That makes me more likely to do some work when I am ready to start getting my things done.

Don’t make your bed to soon

This can seem like a nightmare for those, who like me were growing up with mums who really paid attention to it. For me, there was no way to leave my bed unmade for longer than 10 minutes since I woke up.

But in reality, there is very good reason to leave making your bed till a bit later or even not doing it at all. Leaving it uncovered (but not messy), for some time with an open window, will help you to have a good night sleep in fresh bedding.

Have a nutritious breakfast

This one never had to be explained to me. But anyway I was always eating very bad breakfast or haven’t got any at all. I’ve started working on the quality of the first meal in the day, I started having much more energy than I used to.

If you are a coffee drinker, it might be even more beneficial to you, as in my example, breakfast helped me not crush as quickly as I used to.

Get at least a bit of exercise

This is quite obvious. In polish (I am not sure about English) we have a saying: “in the healthy body healthy soul”. Keeping yourself in good condition help to reduce stress and pain associated with prolonged sitting or standing.

And the good news is, that you don’t need to spend money on expensive equipment or gym ticket. Just a bit stretching and walk or run in the fresh air will do the thing. And you’ll not even realise when you’ll start loving it.

I can’t say I am running regularly, as not always I have someone to leave my son with. But I am able to go for a walk almost every day. It is good for my son too 🙂

Review your plan

This is the thing, I am most guilty of. I have my to-do list prepared and it is just waiting for me in my bullet journal, but when I’ll get ready, I just keep getting my tasks from my memory.

Reviewing your to-do list after every task will help you to decide which task is the best to do next (if you haven’t written them in the order) and at the same time, you’ll not forget about anything.

See what can you do, before the real day starts

Before I will talk about the importance of this habit, let me explain what do I mean by real day. This is quite connected to the first point, where I told you about getting up earlier. For the purpose of this post, the real day will mean the time before your normal wake up time.

Why is this one so important to me? As for the most part of the day my son is following my each and every step, he has to try doing everything I do and basically he is in the age of being interested in everything, I have to have my eyes all around my head. That makes it impossible to do anything what requires me to focus (first of all, my son would be climbing one any way; second of all: if he wouldn’t climb, he would be looking for some way to explore the highest shelves in our house, what could end in taking him to ER after he would have fallen).

So every time, when I manage to wake up before him, I am getting as much of writing posts, recording videos, montaging them, etc as I possibly can. Of course, after having my breakfast. If I think about it, ironing is one of these tasks too. I don’t really understand it, but my son loves every kind of strings, wires and other long objects. As I am ironing, he tries to pull the wire and it is quite stressful not to let him get hot iron on his head.

Clean as you go

I don’t know how it is in your place, but my one has a magic power of getting dirty. You know, I’ve just washed the dishes, after made tea and heated up some food, I turned around and my sink is full of the dishes… AGAIN!

Or I hoover and mop the floors. Meantime my son wakes up I feed him and my floors are all dirty. Just in no time.

For some time I was even wondering if there is a point of trying to keep my place clean. But soon I found a solution (to be honest my mum used to say it to me all the time when I was a kid, I just wouldn’t listen to her). It is just one very powerful sentence: clean as you go. I started with my dishes. Most of the time or make something to eat or drink, I try to wash everything straight away. To help myself with the floors, I bought a small hand hoover and every time my son decides that the best place for his rice is on the floor, I clean it right away.

This way, my home stays relatively clean at all time and I am not getting frustrated all the time.

Stay hydrated

I find it very important too. I have never paid a lot of attention to how much I am drinking. But quite recently I had these horrible headaches, which wouldn’t go. I was stuffing myself with painkillers, I was trying to catch extra naps whenever I could. But nothing helped.

Actually, my mum was the one who suggested that I might be not drinking enough. Well, since I started drinking at least a 1-litre bottle of water or other drink, I seem to have more energy and what is most important, my headaches are completely gone.

Plan your next day

This is very important too. It is very important to prepare your to-do list in the evening before. It will help you stay on the top of your tasks the next day when you wake up early. The trick is, you don’t waste your time on thinking what you have to do, you just pick a task from your list and get it done.

If your planning system is good, you will be also less likely to forget about important things, deadlines, appointments, etc.

And these are all habits I wanted to share with you today. I will be happy to read your recommendations of habits.

But this is it for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Ps. I’ve forgotten to press schedule when I finished this post, so we have almost 5 hours delay today. Normally, posts will be live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 pm UK time.

What is going to change in this blog?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about all the changes in this blog, that are going to happen since now. If you have followed me for some time, you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting regularly for the past months. There have been some posts here and there, but there were months where there was not even one post published here. It wouldn’t be so bad if not the fact that there were multiple months in a row, where there was no sign from me at all.

Now there is a time when all of this is about to change. I have decided about the schedule and this time I am going to stick to it. But before I’ll tell you when you can expect posts, let me tell you what was going on with me for all this time. And there are no excuses. This post isn’t meant to show how hard my life was, because it wasn’t.

For the past months, I’ve been struggling to decide what I want to do with my life. We got to the point with my husband, where I don’t really need to work full time any more as his salary is enough to get us from month to month with an opportunity to save a small amount each month too. That allows me to work just part-time so we can have some funds for any extra spending we might have. However, I still work my night shifts full time, as my company is about to close by March 2021, maybe earlier.

After thinking for months, I’ve decided to continue working at my current place, until they either close down or put me on redundancy and during this time I would like to save as much as I can and work on my personal projects as if they were my part-time job. I also want to educate myself on various ways to get more productive and organised, because especially while I have my full-time job and my son to look after, I will have to learn to get as much out of my time as it is possible.

All this brings me to the point, where I am now. I’ve never thought of this blog as the way of making money and I would like to leave it this way (unless I’ll find a way to monetise it without having to change much). I want to keep it as my place, where I can share my thoughts, worries and basically all the things I have been doing so far. So I came with a schedule which will be as follows:

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I will be posting regular posts which you have seen many so far, while on Fridays there will be a post with self-development related book, where I am going to present you main ideas explained in that book. This should keep me accountable for educating myself while bringing some value for you.

I hope you like the idea. I hope to see you at my new post on Monday, when is the first day since my schedule is going to work.

For today, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you at my new post.