Three things I didn’t know before having a child?

Hi guys,

Today I will share with you some truth about life, I had no idea about before my son was born. In many religions children are seen as a gift, great blessing from God. But whether you are religious or not, I will share with you my observations on this topic. I might not know everything yet, as my son is just 1.5 years old, but I’ve already noticed a lot of changes in my life.

So here are my subjective truths about life:

You feel like getting your things sorted

If you have been following my blog for a longer time, you probably know, that I am master of procrastinating. If procrastination was a valuable skill, I can guarantee, I would be a millionaire (if I wouldn’t procrastinate it too. I used to always have so many excuses. And my to-do list was getting longer and longer each day (well, it still does, but this time I really have a reason). Sometimes for hours I was trying to convince myself to start doing any of my tasks, but it just never worked. Sometimes I wouldn’t drag myself out of the home. I just felt that I am too tired. Oh, past me, you have never knew what tired mean! But still you used words like exhausted.

Since I have my son, I kind of have to use any time I have to do something, otherwise I might not get an opportunity to do so later. Plus, there is one more aspect. I could think about not working, leaving in the cheapest place in the world, but now I am responsible for this small human being, who gives me so much joy each and every day. I just feel in my heart, that I want to do as well, as it is only possible to make his start into adulthood easier. I also wish that when he will be ready to start his own family, we will have our own home, where he will be able to come with his wife and my grandchildren; where there will be mommy’s dinner waiting on the table. Just simple his place, where he will be able to come and stop, even if just for a while.

You can really stretch time

As a student or young working women, I used to think that there is so much to be done each day, that it is impossible to accomplish. I used to come back from school or later from work and felt so exhausted, that I couldn’t even think about cleaning or cooking. Working on any personal project was literally impossible; because when? And this way my life was passing by, just near me. All the skills I wanted to learn, all the project I haven’t participate in because lack of time… It will never come back to me.

On the other hand now, having just 3 to 4 hours a day for my personal work and cleaning, cooking, etc., I’ve realised how much I can get done, if I’ll focus on my tasks. And as I said many times in this blog, the way how productive I am isn’t perfect, probably it will never be. But just simple fact that I know I have just these 3 to 4 hours help me the most productive me and at least moving forward a bit each day.

Cold coffee isn’t that bad

Although I seem more productive than I used to be, I also have to stay awake sometimes for the entire night. This happens when my son has his stomach problem, it used to happen when he was teething or when he had an awful rush. I can’t plan when he is going to sleep, how long he is going to sleep or anything really. And I think that this is the think all mother know: the fact that you’ve made your coffee, doesn’t mean you’ll get to drink it soon. On the other hand, it is so hard to go through the day without this extra kick of caffeine. Especially, if you were drinking a lot of it before having your child.

All this makes your brain thinking of any way to get your coffee as soon as it is only possible. I am pretty much sure that first person in the world who did put a mug full of coffee into microwave was a mother. I used to do it myself, as I couldn’t stand drinking it cold. But as time went and my son became more and more demanding, plus he wants me to share EVERYTHING with him, my only way to get a coffee is to keep sipping it, sometimes for many hours, when he doesn’t look. It is easier with tea, because as long as it is not too strong I can let him get one or two sips. But because of health hazard (and of course fear of extra kick of energy in a toddler who seem overactive and never tired already) coffee is out of the picture for years to come.

And these are all three things I’ve learned. I am aware that my posts are much shorter than they used to be and they are more of my thoughts without any research recently. There are no more post strictly on productivity or motivation, but still I am trying to smuggle some of the tips or just my opinions about some aspects of it. But I hope to get on the top of my disastrous home by the end of the week and I will put much more effort into writing them.

For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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  1. I have to disagree with the cold coffee… but I don’t like coffee when it’s hot either lol. And stretching time? hmmm I wouldn’t say I can stretch it now that I have daughter, but I have been able to make use of the little gaps that come by once in a while 🙂

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