Message to the future me

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be completely different than any of my posts before. I would like to share with you what I would like to say to the future me. I hope it will bring some value to you. Here it comes:


I hope you are doing great! When you are reading it, you have probably forgotten that you’ve even written it. But here it is. When I am writing it, it is the 19th of October 2020. The world is upside down. I hope that you’ll read it at the end of 2021 and that by that time everything will return to the norm. I hope that you found a job by this time or figured out how to make money on your own.

At the moment I am not getting a lot of sleep as your son has trouble with sleeping at night. But I know this time will pass. And although there is the time when I am losing it with him, I also can’t get mad at him. I think this is the reason why little children are so cute and mothers naturally fall in love with them. Otherwise, it would be extremely hard to look after them. Maybe by now, it got much easier? But even if not, I am sure that you are doing great, just because you give all your heart and strength to give him everything you can and everything he deserves.

At the moment I have a lot of ideas in my head. There are possibilities and opportunities. It is hard to decide what to do. You probably remember that company where we worked, recently closed down. Due to pandemic, they had not enough money to keep it running. You also remember that while working there you saved some money but that your savings are getting smaller each week. It’s not easy to find a new job nowadays, a lot of businesses closed down. But slowly, everything is going to come back to the norm and all this will be another story to tell our grandchildren.

But why I decided to write this message now? I haven’t done it since childhood. Well, the answer is simple. Although I believe that there is going to be better soon, I am also aware that it hasn’t to happen by the end of 2021. A bit over a year is a lot of time and very little at the same time. At the beginning of 2020, I’ve made a new year’s resolutions. And some of them I’ve already completed, but some of them I will need to reconsider. This year has been weird and unpredictable for everyone. There was a lot of uncertainty and to be honest, it still is. But we have pushed through almost all year. Was it easy? It wasn’t. But it was worth it.

And here is the most important thing. The reason why I am writing all this. I hope, that even if it is hard, you haven’t given up. That no matter what, you are pushing through all the difficulties, that you pass through all obstacles and that there is nothing to stop you. I hope, that even if projects I am planning now to start will not work as you wish, you will keep searching for something new to do. And if they will, that success will not change you. That you will always remember who you are and what does matter in life.

I wish you good luck with everything you are doing now and I can’t wait to become you and see on my own how are we doing. I see you in about a year and keep smiling.

Daria from the past

I hope you like this kind of post and that at the end of 2021 I will be able to read it and hopefully share my thoughts with you. I wish you a very productive day for now and I’ll see you in my next post.


5 morning habits that might make your day better

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you some of the ideas of things you can include in your morning routine. As we all know, starting the day in the right way does improve the entire day. And although I made a similar post recently, this time I will focus more on so-called ‘me time’. I feel that I tend to forget about my wellbeing. In an everyday rush, it is very easy to jump into all these tasks waiting for each of us. Sometimes we are so busy, that we can’t even notice problems starting in our heads. In extreme cases, there might be depression. But also some mild cases, where people start losing interest in caring for themselves, seeing people, or even going out at all. All that doesn’t have to be a depression, but it could, so if you experience any of them for a prolonged time, make sure to discuss it with a professional who can help you. I will share with you things that make me feel better if include them in my morning routine (please note that I am not a specialist, so I am not able to tell you what to do if you experience these symptoms for the prolonged time (if they happen sporadically, they are most likely normal), but hopefully options I will present to you might prevent them from occurring.

Without further I production, let’s move to the morning routine habits that help me feel better during the day

Delay using your phone as long as you can

It is not a secret, that many of us grab their phones as a first thing in the morning. I think that many of us would agree that mindless scrolling through social media and checking emails is very often the first thing we do in the morning (after snoozing our alarms thousands time).

Unfortunately, it is one of the worse habits we could have. We had no time to wake up properly and our brain is already bombarded with so many information. We might come across an email requiring us to do something and during the morning routine, our brain will analyse the way to get it sorted. There will not be a while to relax and spend some quality time with ourselves.

Drink at least a glass of water as soon as you wake up

We all know that after a long time asleep, our body gets dehydrated. We haven’t provided any water for hopefully eight hours and ‘restocking’ it might be a perfect idea. Are you a big fan of morning coffee? Don’t worry! You can have it too. Just make sure that you drink some water first.

I am not a big fan of the taste of water (yes water has a taste 😉) but adding some fruits to it helps a lot and make it a thing that I look forward to drinking.

Have a nutritious breakfast

I used to be ‘no breakfast’ person for most of my adult life. It made me feel sluggish for the beginning of the day, but I haven’t associated it with my eating habit. Since I’ve taken an effort to make and eat my breakfast, I feel much more energised for the entire day. What I also noticed, even if I don’t feel hungry but take this first bite any way (or sometimes just smell of my food get into my nose), I am realising that I am hungry.

Have a workout

You don’t have to get ready to go to the gym or run a marathon. But having just a bit of stretching in the morning, or a bit of jogging will load you with a lot of energy for the day. I always thought that it would make me tired for the entire day so I tended to push it till late afternoon. It works quite opposite, though. Just a bit of exercise charges your battery for all the tasks that are waiting for you throughout the day.

Make or revise your plan

There are three types of people in the world if we talk about planning. The first group has no plan or no written plan. Rest could be divided into those who plan in the evening or those who plan in the morning. No matter which group do you belong, it is wise to at least have a look at your plan, before you’ll start checking off the boxes. It will just refresh your memory (this is why you made a plan in the first place). But if you plan in the evening, you might realise that some task cannot be done today or maybe you would put them in a different order. Remember, that in the morning our brain is fresh and it is easier to focus and see some connections, which our tired self cannot see.

These are all five habits, that I think might help you to have a less stressful day. You could also include a prayer or meditation, but as it depends on what do you believe in, might differ. A great thing to consider is to spend some time with your family or roommates, but especially at the moment, for someone who lives alone, it might be impossible.

I hope that they’ll help you in any way. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


What is procrastination for me?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk to you about the subject, I think all of us know very well. Although I was talking about it so much, even on this blog, there are still so many things to consider, so many tactics to try. Especially, that we are all different by definition, we all had various experiences, that made us who we are. Our genes are the most amazing thing we could think of. All of us have a DNA code, which is built of the same pieces in all of us, but at the same time, just playing with the combinations, it made us so different. All this make it very difficult to find a golden way that works for everyone. That’s why knowing that I was talking about this subject so many times, today I’ll tell you about procrastination again.

I wish I would not procrastinate in my life at all. I do imagine myself having everything done and as a new task appears, getting it sorted right away. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for me. At least not always it is. I mean, I am ‘productive’. You could hardly find a while in my day when I don’t do anything. But somehow, I keep finding myself trying to manage all my deadlines. I don’t have many things to do that are controlled by anyone. I don’t have a boss who would make me focus on my work. There is no one to guide me through the hierarchy of my tasks. Even more, I am the one who assigns the tasks to myself.

When I was in my full-time job, I was dreaming about a situation like this. Freedom, I can work whenever I want, I can take a day off whenever I want. But at the same time, I have to make sure that I have anything to do, that I will start earning money at some point, that my today’s actions will lead to earning money sometime in the future. I’ve decided that this is the best time. If I will not take some steps now, there won’t be a better time in the future.

But taking steps isn’t as easy as it seems. Being experienced procrastinator makes it easy to to find an excuse. Why? Because starting anything brings responsibilities, brings fear, and finally, brings uncertainty. I could work my butt off, but I might not succeed. I might give up, being just a step of achieving my goal, just because I won’t see it.

Starting anything brings some responsibilities. Whether I would like it or not, I would have a lot more tasks, some deadlines… But most important, more excuses. There will be tasks to be done urgently. If not, there might be consequences. There will be taxes to pay, contracts to sign and all these legal stuff that a lot of businessmen and freelancers complain about. But every procrastinator knows that there will be many excuses not to start too.

Since I have become interested in procrastination, I’ve been looking for its definition. But not an official one. The one giving an answer and understanding. I just wanted to know what is the nature of my procrastination. How can I fight it? Can I at all?

When I was analysing it recently, I think I did understand it. Procrastination is a fear of starting. Because starting brings responsibilities and consequences. And sometimes, we might not be ready for it. I know it from my example, that if I start, I can work for hours, forgetting about hunger, sleeping or taking a break. But the scary thing is starting. Because starting means that I will eventually finish it. Starting means that I am committing to bringing it to an end. Even if I am not doing it consciously. But at the moment of starting, I hope that at some point I’ll have a finished product, not a job left undone. And this is scary sometimes.

And of course, I know that all this post might be useless for many people. I know, that everyone might have their own reason to procrastinate. And here is the solution in my opinion. To beat procrastination, you must start by finding the root. Only being aware of it will help you. This will be your weapon. In one of the cartoons, I used to watch as a child, it was said, that the best weapon is to know your enemy. Knowing his strengths and weaknesses will be your advantage. The only weapon helping you each time.

I think that I found my weapon and I understand my enemy much better. I have much more confidence and I am winning a lot of battles already. Now, my goal is to win a war. I can’t eliminate procrastination out of my life. I know it already. I have to teach myself how to silence it whenever I might need it. I have to become the one, who wins every battle. Because this war is going to last.


PS. I hope you like this kind of post, where I just throw stuff out of my mind. Please leave me a comment below with your opinion and as always I wish you a very productive day.