Let the change begin!

Hi guys,

In today’s post, I would like to prepare a plan. As you might know from yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to make another attempt on changing my life. We already established that my priority is my son, so I am not going to include him in my plans, as looking after him comes to me naturally. No matter how much I have to do, I spend as much time as I can.

Since yesterday, when I finally realised what my problem was (or at least I think I realised), I have been thinking about my next priorities. I had some requirements, though. First of all, they had to be either relatively small, or possible divided into small tasks. Second of all, they had to be measurable. So I would be able to judge, whether I am on a good track, or I am not moving toward them. And last, but not least, they have to help me change my environment for the better, make it easier for me to stay more organised, help me feel better, or teach me something. All this narrowed them down to following goals:

Organise and deep clean my flat

This is kind of simple. Having a place, where everything has its place, where I don’t have to look for things every time I want to go out or when I need to do something, will save me a lot of time and as a result, will give more time for things that matter. It will also reduce my everyday stress level, by not having to look for random stuff whenever I want to leave my home.

Keep up with this blog

“Wait!”, you might say. “In which universe does this goal meet your requirements?”. And the answer is very simple. First of all, it is going to help me work on my routine. My next goal (after achieving the ones that I am listing today), will be to get some income working from home. I have no idea yet, what kind of work I want to do, however, I will have to be able to keep getting the job done. Having to post every day, is going to help me organise my day in such a way, that I have to find some time to be able to write my posts, and publish them. And after all, this blog is supposed to reflect my journey to becoming a better, more organised person, it will be a great way to come back to it, whenever times will get rough again.

Keep up with my YouTube channel

This goal is also helping me with getting ready to work from home, but it is also an outlet for me to let my creativity do its work. It also forces me to learn drawing and video editing, which are on my ‘I always wanted to be able to do it’ list. But, what is more important to me, it helps me with speaking English.

Learn programming

This one is a bit lower in priorities at the moment, but programming is a skill that gives a lot of opportunities to earn money from home, either as a freelancer or employee. So at the moment, whenever I have some time on hand, I am going to try to learn as much as I can. As my previous goals will become a part of my routine (hopefully), I should be able to make it an everyday thing.

And these are all of the goals I am about to start working on at the moment. They might change with time, but at least I have something to start with.

And that’s all I wanted to share today. I wish you a productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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