Let’s talk YouTube

Hi guys,

I am writing today’s post early in the morning. All this is because today is going to be a very busy day, so at least one thing I can do ahead of time is to schedule this post and tick it off my agenda. Today’s to-do list contains over 40 tasks. I know that probably a lot of them will be done tomorrow, but just in case I could manage I did plan a lot. Of course, some of the tasks are very simple and aren’t going to take as much time, but some of them, like my YouTube video (it consists of six or seven tasks) have some things to do that are going to take a while. And I would like to get at least three of them done, to be a week ahead. Of course, we will see how it goes.

But as you could see in my title, I would like to talk about my YouTube channel. Or most likely channel. As you might know, it is one of my goals to carry on with uploading videos on regular basis. It helps me work on my persistence and helps me learn about video editing. As I will have more videos, hopefully, a bit bigger audience (at the moment it consists of my husband and me) I will get access to data, which will teach me what drives attention and what doesn’t. And this is always a good thing if I were to work at home. I will always have to sell something, either my service or a product. And knowing about video editing and SEO will be very helpful in advertising.

Ok, but what about my channels? Didn’t I always talk about one channel? Yes, that’s true. But around four years ago I started my first YouTube channel. I’ve posted two videos (which are by the way deleted) but had to give up. It turned up that gaining skills in programming and editing at the same time was more than I could afford at once. But this was my first idea and my channel still exists. After some time I became very interested in planning and organising and I started looking up videos with various planners and was to become a more organised person. I went across a bullet journal community. It changed my life forever. A bullet journal is a planner, which you create yourself from scratch. You have 100% control over things you have to include to make it work for you. So I was watching tons of videos, where people were creating these colourful pages, full of lists, to-dos, calendars and trackers. It was involving some artistic aspects. And this seemed to be the best option for me. I am the person, who always doodles on the margins of any notebook, who draws on any blank space of a newspaper. And no, I am not artistically talented, but I love it. I love trying different media, like markers, paints, etc. And yes, my drawings look like these made by a 3-year-old kid (I am getting better, though). I was having a bullet journal for some time, and finally, I’ve decided to start my channel. It helped me gain some video editing knowledge (although it is still very basic), while simply recording what I was doing anyway – creating my bullet journal.

I’ve never even suspected that it takes hours, if not days of work to create one video that lasts around 15 (usually I have between 2 to 4 hours of footage, which I have to go through, cut any unnecessary parts and speed up remaining parts, trying to make my videos interesting to watch. Just this usually takes at least 3 hours, if we are talking about 2 hours of footage, but still, there is voiceover to record, text appearing on the screen, and so many more things to add. My videos are still quite basic. Sometimes I know that they must be boring to watch, but I am working on skills to create more flow and interest. But so far, I have at least a lot of fun making them, and that’s why I am planning on carrying on. We’ll see how it goes, and fingers crossed that tomorrow I will have three of them done, so I can be one week ahead with my work on videos. And I will update you in my tomorrow’s post.

For now, I wish you a very productive weekend and I’ll see you in my next post.


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