Luckily, failure is a part of a success

Hi guys,

For a while, I haven’t been posting again. Was I failing? Well, yes and no. I’ve spent some days checking where my time goes. I couldn’t believe that I haven’t been achieving a lot each day while feeling busy almost the entire day. Something had to be wrong. And that is when I realised that on average I am spending three to four hours a day searching for things: my keys, documents I need, my craft supplies. Well, it looks like my clutter is the issue or at least a huge part of the issue. During this time, I would be able to do so many things, but instead, I am stuck on one task, just because I can’t find the necessary things to complete it.

This brings me to reevaluate my priorities once again. Dealing with my clutter has become my number one thing on my TO-DO. Just imagine, three extra hours each day. This would allow me to accomplish so many things, and finally, be able to move forward with my numerous projects and plans.

Ok, so you might ask how does sorting my clothes go? It goes great. Am I done? Not yet. Did I do progress in this matter? Definitely! And that’s what counts to me. The recent realisation made me understand, that whatever I can manage to do during the day, I am accomplishing it while looking after my son, playing with him, cooking, shopping and the list goes on. And still, little by little I am doing it. I’ve managed to get on the top of my washing. Well, almost did, but there is no overflowing washing basket and piles of clothes to wash around it. There are no piles of clothes waiting to be folded and put away. My home already looks much better. Where the issue is? My wardrobes and chests of drawers where I keep clothes. They ARE overflowing. However, today I managed to sort out my son’s clothes, so there is a progress.

So if you ask me if I am failing, I will answer: yes and no. I am failing to keep up with my goals but at the same time, I am creating an environment that will allow me to have my space back. So I am kind of a winner too. And at the same time, I spent so much quality time with my son. And let’s be honest: that’s what’s the most important to me right now.

That’s all I wanted to share with you today. I wish all of you as many hopefully days, filled with small successes. Because remember, it is better to make one tiny step forward, than a huge step backwards.

I’ll see you in my next post.


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