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Isn’t it easier just to give up?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about giving up. I think that all of us at some point experienced a time when everything seems wrong. You have this great plan of action and suddenly something pops out, your kid is not fond of following his routine, or you just don’t want to do anything. And your to-do list keeps growing and growing. One day there was just one task moved to the next day. But as tomorrow came, you had to make it up and another two or three tasks didn’t get done, another day another few and you don’t even realise when your to-do list became this huge papyrus that messengers unroll in cartoons.

This is what happened to me recently (and still I am trying to come out of it). I had to over-plan my days a bit. My days got jammed with tasks, as I am going to go on holiday after one and a half weeks and hope to get ahead with my work. And tonight, as I was crossing my tasks in my app, I realised that (including overdue tasks) I have fifty-something things to do tomorrow. No, it isn’t a mistake FIFTY-SOMETHING THINGS TO DO TOMORROW. It wouldn’t be as bad, if not for the fact that next two days I need to be at work from morning to afternoon. And my next days have also loads of things planned.

Before I started writing this post, I was wondering what is the point of even attempting to get it done. There will be probably more coming the next day than I had to do the previous day. So I decided to give up at first. But as I thought about it a bit longer, I realised that this isn’t an option. Although it seems easy now because I would get to rest and forget about all these tasks, it will bite me back after. Some of my tasks are time sensitive, so I will have to get them done during my holidays. So better to try and get as much as I can before I enter the plane, so I will be able to enjoy my time off much more.

But that all situation got me thinking about something else. Why my first option was to give up. It happened by default. No thinking about pros and cons, just right away give up? I have been thinking about it for a while and I think I know why. At the time when we feel overwhelmed, giving up seems to be the easiest way. It lets us sort out the problem without any effort. Just forget about every single thing on your list and the problem is solved. This is an easy task, isn’t it?

But if we just stopped for a minute and think about it a bit more, would we still think so? These mountains of laundry to do wouldn’t be very helpful in forgetting about it. This very important project for work neither. And the guilt. The guilt of not being able to complete what we planned.

We can’t forget about the most important thing: guilt, that we didn’t even try. We could get so much more done and make our life a bit easier in the future but we were too busy giving up. So is giving up an easier option? I can’t answer this for sure. It depends on each person, I guess. But I’ve been living with the guilt of not trying for way too long and this time I am going to push through it. And before my holidays I will do as much as I can. Maybe not all, but at least my time off won’t be jammed with things to do as much as it is now.

And this is all for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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