Are holidays a part of being productive or just an excuse to procrastinate?

Hi guys,

I am finally after my holiday. I went to Poland, where my son met his grandmother and uncles for the first time. And as you might know from my previous post, I am on my way to becoming a productive person, being able to set realistic goals and achieve them. What is worth mentioning is that these are my first holiday in around five or six years. I have had some days (and even months) off work, of course. However, they were caused by the circumstances making it impossible to rest, like my son being born, the pandemic, my dad’s funeral or just a simple illness.

This time I came to Poland to visit my family and enjoy time with my son. I can see him interacting with his family and show him the city where I grew up. Although people say that going on holiday with a toddler isn’t REAL holiday as still, you have to take care of a child, just the surrounding changes. For me though, looking after my son brought unbelievable joy. Especially, since I had nowhere to be at any certain time during the day. We just went whenever we feel like it. No rush, no time-related stress. I almost forgot that such a thing is even possible.

On the other hand, some things kept me away from being able to fully relax. There was this to-do list waiting for me to act on these multiple tasks. And, as I had only my electronic version of the list, I did something that only made sense: I deleted it from my phone. I understood, that just having it with me at all times, would stop me from enjoying my time. However, I am just myself and it wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t analyse it after coming back. My main concerns are, did my holiday help me get at least a bit more productive afterwards? Could I do anything before going, to make my time even better?

So let’s answer my first concern. I spent just one day back home, but so far I was able to get stuff done without hours of thinking about them. And as I am thinking now, I’ve gotten quite a lot done without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted at the end of the day. My today’s to-do list is almost empty now and I feel proud of myself.

And the other concern: could I do anything before going to make my rest better? The answer is simple: yes. I should have taken care of all the things which I intend to be regular, like writing on this blog or uploading videos on my channel. I could prerecord some videos and schedule them, I should have scheduled at least a few posts to be posted during my holiday. But on the other hand, I felt very overwhelmed before my holiday. Having my to-do list deleted forced me to plan all my tasks again (even I can understand that it is impossible to make up hundreds of tasks) and although my days are still overplanned, I did cross most of the tasks off of the list. And, gosh, does it feel great?

So in conclusion, I think that my holiday improved my productivity and I will try to go somewhere again, even if it is going to be just one day trip. However, I will try my best to get ahead of my schedule beforehand, so my everyday things aren’t going to be neglected.

And that’s all for my today’s post. I hope you’ll have a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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