Hi everyone!

Have you ever had a lot of dreams in your head? They were so, so great (whatever they were), that you were sure you have to help them become alive? And you’ve started making tons of plans, how to start working on them… tomorrow? Or maybe the other time, when everything will let you do that (read: when you’ll have more time or you’ll just be less tired)? But again, tomorrow came and you haven’t even started? Or if you were waiting for better time… well, it has just never happened?

Do you know this feeling? If yes, you know what I mean and how annoying it is. If not: Hi again! Welcome to my world! My kingdom of procrastination!

And that’s why I am here. Just to keep tracking my progress and simply motivate myself (and maybe some of you as well, I hope). Simple like that.

My first post, which is going to appear tomorrow (which is 12th of May 2017), will precise what my goals actually are and every next after that will show what have been done during this particular day get closer to victory 😉

So let’s get started… tomorrow 😉

Have a nice evening