2019 review – what have happened and how it has changed my life

Hi guys,

Or maybe better welcome again? I haven’t been posting for a long long time. And here I am. With new energy and ready to start all over again.

Was it a burn out? Definitely not. There were just a lot of circumstances, which made me extremely drained and posting would make my plate over filled. I needed to put my life together first, just to be able to come back once and for good. And I can’t say I did it already, but I hope I’ve gotten on a right path finally.

But what have actually happened? Why I couldn’t find at least a bit time to say that I am alive, that everything is going on well? Let’s be honest. I could find a time for this, but before informing you, I wanted to think what to do first. No more promises, just actions. So before I’ll let you know about my plans for 2020, I will quickly give you some insight into my 2019. Here are some of the main events that changed my life:

My son was born

This is probably the most life changing thing that could ever happen – new addition to the family. This small human being, who becomes your bigger love since the day you are pregnant, the most energy draining ‘chore’ you have, like an 24 hours 7 days a week job. No holiday, no doctor’s leave.

At the end of the day, you start thinking that you can’t do it any more and again there is a crying coming from the cot. You take this little guy, who wraps his hands around your neck and fall asleep momentarily. You put him back into the cot, with “sshhhh” sound and you get a smile in a sleep. And for this one little smile, it is all worth it.

Of course, don’t get me wrong. Maternity does not contain only hard things (I mention them just to show how easy is to forget about them). There are much more good moments. First smiles, first laugh, first word… There are the times when my baby falls asleep in my arms and I can’t stop looking at his perfect face, although I am drained myself. Small little hand going in your direction, when he see you after a long time (five minutes in the bathroom is already too much πŸ˜‰).

All parents out there have a clue how my child changed my life. How many new responsibilities are you getting with just a tiny human. But at the same time, my son became my biggest motivation. He is the one, who makes me get up from bed each morning; he is the one, for who I am ready to hustle, as long as I will be able to spend time with him; and finally, he is the one, who’s future matter to me.

I have moved – twice

For those who have been here for longer, you knew that I moved the home in February. However, we had to move right before Christmas too, as our old place have been sold. This was a great challenge. Especially with the little one, who finally could enjoy presence of both parents for the entire days.

I started a full time job

Also, if you have read my old posts, you know that when I found out that I am pregnant, I’ve lost my old job (officially not lost, but got my hours reduced to 3/week). So I’ve started to work during the weekends through agency and stopped whren my son was born. Having him in a NICU, we both could not work. My partner took off (unpaid), had to wait till I return to work till my son is a out of hospital and at least a bot older. But when he was around 4 months, there was no choice. We were simply not managing it. I had to go back to work in the weekend (which haven’t helped much, but was better than nothing) to finally find a full time job, which is perfect, because I work when my son is sleeping any way.

I took a gap year in my university

This time I already had too much on my plate. I was working full time at nights, looking after my son during day time. Losing two of those days each week, were just too much for me. I was missing this little guy too much. And I don’t think it was easy for him either. Yes, I am in my gap year.

Our finances went on minus

Yes, this is a hard thing. Having baby born comes with many new spending which you can’t think beforehand (especially if this is your first baby). Being unemployed and with my husband not working for good 1 month (when my son was in hospital and a bit after), forced us to borrow some money from our friends, so we could make it. We are still paying it back, but slowly getting to the point, where we are ok.

And here is the time to come to my 2020 resolutions. There are only few of them, so I can focus on them and actually be able to say that I did it. Let me just put them in a bullets today, as times goes, I will explain what some of them means to me and how I think it will help me:

  • Get debt free
  • Have list of projects, but focus on maximum two at the time
  • Keep your bullet journal with you at all times, set up it before the time, when you are going to use it
  • Have a 1 hour of “working for your future” every day
  • Spend as much quality time with your son, as it is possible
  • Set up a routine, which is working for everyone at home and stick to it
  • Save at least Β£5000 by the end of 2020

These are all of my 2020 resolutions. Some of them are obvious, some will be explained in following posts. I hope you enjoyed this post. Since now, there will be one post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Education? Why do I need it?

Hi guys,

Today I will try to explain you, why education should be a very important thing in people’s life. I have a feeling that at the moment people could be divided into three categories. First one does not see any point of learning at all. They could spend the whole day watching tv, partying or just lying down in the bed. Second group will contain all these people, who don’t really care for education. They might be doing well at school, but just because someone is expecting this from them. They don’t see importance in learning, but they don’t mind it either. And finally third group will do a lot to be able to learn a new thing. They feel like learning is their hobby.

No matter what group do you belong to, you might find it interesting to find out why do I thing that education is important. First of all, learning new things makes you capable to do more jobs. Your cv is becoming more and more unique, as you have learnt a lot of different skills. That makes you more required potential employee.

There are also other advantages of learning. We’ve been taught in school, that learning helps your brain develop correctly. It shortens time you need to learn new things, what could help you a lot if you were to do something what requires you to learn new things quickly.

I also thing that as more you’ll learn, as more likely you are going to find something what you love to do. In my opinion, it is very hard to find some activity which would make us get up from bed with smile on our face. I have been struggling to find one for a long time. But as I was working on a project in school and doing my research, I found one. As I’ve started learning, I’ve realised how many opportunities it could create. This became a very important aspect.

And finally, I think that constant education is a necessity nowadays. When I used to go to school, I have been counting down years, when finally I will have no necessity to learn even one more thing in my life. How naive I was πŸ™‚ It turned out that, with world developing so fast, there is no chance to be able to even function in the society. Just look at some older people, who grew up in time, when there was no internet, no cell phones, basically no technology which we know now. If they wanted to sort out anything, they had to go to right office, queue for many hours and after that their thing has been sorted. In today’s world a lot of these people find it hard to adjust. They are not able to learn how to use computer, where to log in to even transfer money for their rent. There are more and more institution, which resigned from face to face contact with customers. They did it to save people’s time, however, these older people could feel lost because of that. Very often they need to ask their grand children or children for help with things, which were so easy to handle in their mind.

The other thing is, that it is very easy to cheat people who are not very literate in specific topic. Even such a basic thing like security online. Some principles which would prevent your life to be destroyed. One of the examples I can talk about are profiles on social media, where parents want to share with everyone that they bought a new very expensive car, home, furniture, etc. and the next day they are showing their child in school uniform, without a fear, that someone could use their child, for example to get material benefits from them. Or pictures of naked children playing in the garden or taking bath, which are landing on websites for paedophiles. All this is scary, but in my opinion it is a result of lack of education about security online.

With this thought I am going to end today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I wish you all a very productive day and I’ll see you in my new post.


Is hustling necessary?

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be sharing my thoughts about hustling. As you may know, one of my goals is to create my own business, which will be profitable enough, so I would be able to provide for me an my family with the opportunity of working at home. As I kept mentioning in my previous posts, since my son was born, my priorities changed radically. There is no longer ‘I’ now there are only ‘we’ with huge stress at ‘him’. You might say, that I had a husband before, so I wasn’t counted as singular any way. And you would be right. But with my husband is a completely different story. He is an adult, so if I would decide that I will not work any more in my life, he is capable to provide for us (of course we wouldn’t be able to go for holiday, buy any unnecessary things, etc). If we speak about my son, he won’t be able to go to work for a long time. He is completely dependent on me and my husband. If we will fail, his future will be harder. He won’t be able to freely look for his passion as he would be restricted to free activities only.

At the same time, my son is at this special stage of his life. He changes every single day. He learns new things at light speed and for me it is important to be present in his life and be able to witness all his ‘firsts’. As at the moment I am working in the night shift (as my son sleeps through all night nearly since he is born, and I can be with him for all the time, while he is awake).

Although, I would like to be able to look after my son, work and at the same time work on my own projects, there are days when I am simply too tired. As I am coming back from my last night in a row, the only thing I am dreaming about is my bed. And I thought that this is fine. I used to get between two and three hours of sleep before my son woke up and I was ready to start a day.

Everything was great, till lack of sleep did not knock me down like never before. Recently, I had to take two weeks off, as getting myself out of the bed was a struggle. The only reason when I did this was my son asking for food or just for some attention. I felt, like I caught the worst flu ever. Standing for too long used to make me dizzy.

And all that made me realise one thing. Hustle is important, when you are working on your projects, even with all other responsibilities on your shoulders. But what I decided to incorporate into my life is healthy hustling. Let me explain what I mean by that. In my understanding (I am not even sure if something like healthy hustling exists outside of my understanding) healthy hustling is an ability to use time you have, without sacrificing other stuff. So, I am going to continue working on my projects, but I will do this around my schedule, not by damaging my health. I will get as much as I can while my son is sleeping, instead of not sleeping when I am off in work. I’ve also changed my job and now I will spend six to eight hours per shift (which will stretch up to maximum eight and a half including commuting), not like I used to spend twelve plus two hours of travelling, including way to and from my work place. And I will try not to stress out any more. Especially, that I will do my best, using all available time I have.

I still call it hustling, as I will sacrifice my time, which I would normally spend on watching Netflix or YouTube (except self development, which is necessary to carry on working on my first product). For now, I have forgotten about any dead lines connected to my project. I’ve realised, that as long as I will do my best, it doesn’t matter when it will be ready. Hopefully soon.

This decision and radical changes in my mind are caused by the fact that I have a son. I don’t want to discourage him from working hard on what he love, just by showing to him how exhausting it is. I also want to teach him to work smart and care for his health and knowing that he is going to learn by observing me, I want to be the best example possible.

And with this thought I will leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Is motivation a thing?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about slightly different thing than my usual topic. As you know, I am into all this motivational and organisational stuff. If I could, I would spend my whole life on increasing my motivation’s level. However, recently I’ve seen a youtube video, where it has been told that motivation is realy a kind of emotion and same as with emotions, you can’t really maintain it for the whole time. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be all the time happy, make yourself calm easily when something or someone makes you mad and finally you can’t get motivated when you are just not feeling it.

As I dived deeper in this topic, I found out that there are more sources stating this. It made me a bit worried. Does it mean, that if I am not able to feel this motivation, I am just meant to fail? There is no help for me? Am I going to always have a bunch of to do lists from before a month, still hoping that at least one of the tasks will be checked out of them?

Also, is it possible that you need to be born a certain way, to become successfull? You know, like some people seem to be grumpy all the time, while others tend to be happy without break, some people seem to be soft for everyone, while others are just harsh. Is it same with motivation? You must have THIS set of genes to keep getting your stuff done?

Well, it would be horrible, wouldn’t it? However, there is something what can save us, born procrastinators. Although, it will be a bit hard, it is worth trying.

Let’s start from an example. Imagine tha you have group work in your school or work and you have been alocted with people who you just can’t stand. If you could, you would just forget everything, and not work on this particular project. Ok, but you need this mark or this project could bring you closer to the promotion in work. What you do? You put a happy mask (or at least let’s-do-this-if-we-have-to mask) and try to make it work. It is just one project, isn’t it?

Or another example, you are invited to your significant other’s family party (wedding, birthday or whatever it is) and everything would be ok, but there is this one uncle. You know, there is one uncle like this in each family – everyone hates him, but because he is a part of family, he is being invited any way (by the way, have you noticed, that usually this kind of uncles have the best wifes in the world? The most nice and caring?). You are sitting there and this uncle found a buddy in you and can’t stop talking to you, interviewing you, showing how much better he is than you (you know, your home has 50ft sq? His has 51! Your grass is green, his is even greener!). What you do? You are just making a good face in the bad game and (while counting seconds to the end of the meeting) you are carrying conversations, praying for some excuse to leave a table at least for a while.

In both of this situations you are going against yourself, just to make the best of it. You should do similar thing with your motivation. You have a mountain of laundry waiting to be ironed? Just say to yourself that for 30 minutes you will be ironing. You have a huge project to do? Just tackle one task to get closer. Go against your feelings (and excuses) and at least start. You might even find out that instead of half an hour, you’ve spent one hour and this huge mountain of laundry magicaly disapeared.

The only thing is, that you have to start. Starting is the hardest thing for all procrastinators. When you’ll master the ability of starting, you’ll be way more productive. And also it will become a habit as time flies, so it will be even easier in the future.

And with this thought I am going to leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Priorities and their impact on my life

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about priorities. I’ve heard a lot of opinions, that you can’t have a family and pursue your career at the same time. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are managing it just fine.

If you are reading my posts since some time, you will already know it, but if you are new: I have recently became a mother to a cute little guy, who brights my life each and every day. But he provides for me a full time, unpaid job as well. If you will look at dates of my posts, you will see that I haven’t been posting regulary since some time and reasons for it are my priorities.

I figured out that the most important thing for me now is my family. But at the same time, my brain convinced itself, that I can’t be a good mother and a good wife and do stuff which I love too (one of them is writting posts for this blog). I thought about leaving my university too. Fortunately, my husband helped me while I was going through all this stuff and made me understand few things. Here are they:

Baby is a joy, not just a responsibility

Ok, I knew this. Although, they were extremely hard four months since my son was born, each time when I can’t see him for a while (when I am at work for example), make me miss him so much. All 12 hours I spend working, I just can’t wait to see my son’s cute smile when he sees me for the first time after I was away. No matter how tired I am, it is just melting my heart and I am forgeting everything. But there is also time, when I just have a feeling that everything I do now is connected to baby: feeding, changing nappies, cleaning and sterylising bottles, bathing, etc. It takes huge amount of time out of my day. Especialy, when I am after my night shift, I just sleep and look after my baby. Nothing more at all. There is no “me” time. But now I understand, that this is what I love. Waking up being exhausted, just to see smile on my son’s face, just because he wanted to simply be in my arms for a while. To see how he finaly tries to talk (I mean he thinks so, it is more of weird sounds, he is making), catch some toys with his tiny hands… These are the best moments in my life.

Better organisation is the key

And this is something what I am trying to encourage you since this blog exists, but I have forgotten about it when I needed it the most. Having a baby doesn’t mean that you are busy all the time. Babies sleep during the day too. And what you’ll do with this time, depends on you. There are many options: youtube, netfix, some games, or you can just get productive and get your stuff done. You might just take a nap, so you’ll stop be so grumpy πŸ˜‰ whatever you choose, is good. Just don’t complain about this choice.

And now coming back to priorities. At the moment the most important thing in my life is family. But at the same time, I know that my son will learn by watching me. If he sees me grumpy and so unhappy about life, he will be same. This is why it is so important for me to find a balance between my career and family. Although, I can’t share any idea with you at the moment and I know it is going to be hard, I also know that I have to do this. So here I am, back after another break. I hope, that this time it is a last one.

Are failures pointless?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about failures. What is my opinion about them and how to cope with their consequenses.

But before this, let me explain what is a failure in my understanding? I would consider anything as a failure, if two condition are met: I have to work on something myself and expectations I had before starting my job are not met at the end of it. What I mean by that? Let’s say, at the moment I am trying to set up my business and my expectation is that some day it will start being profitable. Now, if I want to decide whether it is a failure, I have to finish working on it. That means, if I will decide that my work is pointless and just resign and I will not get any profit out of it, I will say: “It was a failure”.

So let’s talk about the way, how to deal with it. To do so, I will take an example with setting up your company. So, you’ve spent a lot of time researching, preparing all resources needed to work, maybe you’ve created some product, stocked the warehouse with some materials to produce… so what now?

I can see two options, bad and good. Bad one is that you can just give up, forget and find a full-time job. Why is it bad? Because failures happen for some reason. They are a lesson you’ve got from life to learn from your mistakes. Giving up and forgetting means that you haven’t take chance of this opportunity. It is hard of course, but it will make you stronger and wiser, if you would like to try the other time.

Good one is to take an advantage of this lesson. Analyse problem and try to figure out what went wrong. If you would manage to figure out how to improve your actions next time (if you fell in debt, getting some full-time job temporary might be a good thing) and come up with another idea, you will be one step closer to succeed this time. Maybe you were just this only one step away when you failed?

And according to me, it is also a good thing, if you will learn your lesson, but decide that business is not your thing. I know many people, who wouldn’t start their business, just because they don’t want to cope with stress connected to it on a daily basis. And this is wise decission after all. If you were to do something you don’t enjoy and what exhaust you mentaly, it might be worth it to look for the other way and not to struggle.

I hope this post was helpful. This is it for today. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to get extra money from home

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about some ways to get money out of things, you already have in your home.

Although, working on your own business is a goal for many people, it usually takes a lot of time to set everything up, with small income or even no income at all in the beginning. At the same time, you still need to pay your bills and have something to eat. Or maybe you are working in full time job and work towards your business after you come back home, but you have some huge spendings ahead of you? Or you just want to finaly go for your dreamed holiday?

Whatever is the reason, extra money is always a good thing. Especially, if we can get it for stuff, we no longer use or just our abilities. Some of my ideas might be obvious, other a bit less, so let’s get right into the content.

Sell your clothes online

Let’s admitt it: all of us have at least one of these t-shirts that are folded neatly ib the bottom of the shelf, haven’t we? Or this pair of trousers from high school time, which will fit perfectly as soon as we lose some weight. I don’t want to be rude, but they probably will not. And not because I think you are fat or something, but just because our bodies change over the time, our taste also and it could happen that you will not like how they look on you any way.

Now it is the best time to get rid of them and earn some extra cash at the same time. Ready? Make some great photo shoots, upload them on some website (like ebay, shpock, etc. depending what works in your area) and let others use it. You need money any way, don’t you?

Use apps when you are grocery shopping

And I don’t mean filling up surveys, it will take some of your precious time. But let’s think what you have to do any way? Grocery shopping! What, if you have some app which will pay you some cash back? Well, here it is! There are multiple apps, which allows you to upload picture of your receipt and pay you small money for it (I use Receipt Hog, but I think it depends on where you live). Of course it won’t be huge amount and usually you have to reach some amount to be payed, but it takes just couple of minutes to do, so why not? Especially that you are grocery shopping regularly.

Create online product

Ok, this might sound weird. It takes quite a lot of time to create quality product. But here ONLINE is a key word. After spending some time creating it, you can just automate the way you sell it and get some extra cash each time someone purchases it. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy: there could be printables, some ebook, maybe app… Whatever you are able to sell. The only thing you need is your computer… and some will to spend time on it πŸ˜‰ it is not quick, but will pay off eventualy.

Sell your crafts online

If you are arty person and create something all the time, maybe you should consider selling it online. Websites which work for clothes, usually work for other stuff too, so why not to make a use out of your hobby and declutter your home a bit at the same time? It is a win-win situation!

Keep putting change in the jar

Ok, this is not really getting an extra cash, but how many times did you loose coins out of your pocket? I do lose these coins regularly. Putting them in a jar, will save them. And belive me or not, but if you will fill the jar, you’ll have quite nice amount of money out of it. You can believe me!

And this is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it! For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Responsibility in work world

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about a topic, which might seem not connected to any kind of productivity and motivation. However, as a person who is looking for motivation to work on my own service-related projects, I see it as a very important aspect of all I am doing. And this topic is: responsibility.

In our life we need to take responsibility for many aspects. As children, we take a responsibility for our grades, chores and behaviour; as adults we have bills to pay, possibly families to look after, work… This list might seem never ending. I personaly gained new responsibility recently, which is my son. Although, he is little now, I am already starting to thing about a plan to help him become the best version of himself in the future. All this can be a bit overwhelming. But today I would like to talk just about one aspect of responsibility, which is responsibility for your business.

It doesn’t really matter how big your company is, how many people you are employing and what your company does. Or it doesn’t even have to be a company, you could be a freelancer, or work for someone. Whatever you do, you should feel sense of responsibility for your work-related actions. I have met a lot of people for whos work is just a time spend in a work place and getting money for it. No matter, if they are doing any job or just playing around for all day. Also I saw businesses owners, for whom the most important thing is income, while quality of their products or services leaves a lot to improve.

So let’s make it clear, why responsibility is important in work world. To make it easier I divided it for three points of view:


If you are an employee, you might have a feeling that this is not your company, so you don’t need to care. The only problem is that this company is paying you for a work, which is required for company to survive. You still might think that it is not your problem, but when you look at your work place as like you would look for your source of income, you will quickly realise that success of company will help you keep your job.

Also there is another aspect: if you sign contract where you have specified to do certain job, but you are not doing it, means that you are steeling money from your employer. You are getting paid for something, you haven’t done.

Freelancer/one person company

Offering services or products to customer is connected to neccessity of providing the highest possible quality. First of all, you are responsible for your product. If customer will get hurt by your product (because for example some loose part), you will be charged for this. Second of all, if you will sell poor quality product to your customer, you might be sure that he will not come back to you (plus he will writte opinion about your product and get some other people to look for different source to get what they need).

Company owner

This includes same responsibilities as in case of freelancers, but additionally you are responsible for your employees safety and well being. First of all, you are responsible for making sure, that work is safe for people and take all actions to keep potential risks at minimum. But also you are responsible for their sustainance. Your bankrupcy means, that your employees will loose their jobs, they might be left with no money to provide for their families. Also delaying salaries might cause your employees to fall into debts, as bills need to be paid on time and everyone needs to eat.

This are all my thought in this topic. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I wish you very productive day and I will see you in my next post.


Turning hobby into the job – is it good idea?

Hi guys,

Today I will be talking about my thoughts about converting hobby into job (as you haven’t read it in the title of this post already πŸ˜‰ ). This might seem to be a perfect idea (at least to me it seemed to be so, till I started analysing it more), you are doing something what you love and you are getting paid for it. What can go wrong here?

And in some conditions it could be the perfect thing. But before I will explain to you what this conditions are, let me talk about possible dangers I can see in this situation.

Firstly, I understand hobby as something you do to relax and rest after all the struggles of everyday life. Some activity you do, to have fun, forget about your problems and everything what’s going on in your life. Considering hobby to be your source of income, you are adding some stress to it. You are not performing it just for sake of having fun, you need to be sure that it brings you money, so you can at least pay your bills and buy food.

The other thing is that you might work for someone and this will mean that you need to follow your boss’ vision on how to perform your thing. This could make you burn out quickly and simply – start hating your hobby. You wouldn’t like it this way, would you?

Even if you have your own bussiness, you still might find it difficult. Having your own company is connected to necessity of doing a lot of work not even similar to your hobby’s subject, like accountancy, book keeping, dealing with customer’s problems and taxes. All this might leave you with little time to actualy focus on your hobby and make you feel worse than if you were to work in someone’s company.

However, I can see two conditions, when having hobby as a job could work for me. First, is to set it up such a way that I can work on my own pace. Someone standing over my head and hurrying me up (whether boss or customer) would take all fun off of my hobby. It would turn it into normal nob-hobby job very quickly.

Second, is that I would like to have it as one of my sources of income, rather than the only one (or have a lot of savings, so it doesn’t make any difference any way). Again, just for peace of mind. So I don’t have to stretch myself too much to figure out how am I going to pay my rent or what am I going to eat for the entire month.

I believe that, if I would be able to find myself in the place, where both of this conditions are being met, this would bring a lot of peace of mind into my life. I know that money does not bring you happines and it is true. But they can ensure that you and your family have roof over your head, so it is worth it to carry about your incomes (and savings) at least a bit.

And this is everything for today’s post. I hope that you enjoyed reading it. As always I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to find hobby?

Hi guys,

Today I am returning after another break. It took me a lot of time to adjust to new routine, which becoming a mum forced on me. I thought I got it, but soon I’ve realised that “Naaah πŸ˜‰ “. Fortunately, it seems that we are getting there. I started to understand what each kind of my son crying means (yeah, children really have different kinds of crying, for different needs; amazing!) and life is starting to get a bit easier. At least till we’ll get to the teething stage πŸ˜‰

Although my son is the cutest human being to me and I could talk about him without any break (I know, I know… it sounds like every mother in the world), but he is not a subject of this post. Actually, I would like to talk about some aspect of life, probably every one had a problem with at least once. And this problem is: What to do?

Very often we hear from our friends or family members that they have an amazing hobby to spend time on. Even if we don’t know anyone with such hobby, we are bombarded with stories of successful people, who turned their hobby into work and they are earning money by doing what they love. I wouldn’t like to talk about my feelings about turning hobbies into job now (I might write another post on this subject, as it is actually quite interesting subject), but today I will focus on how to find a hobby, if we don’t have one. The way I will present to you just in a minute isn’t my invention (I actually saw itΒ here; video is in polish, but I will attempt to present you this idea).

Author of this video suggests to look around and find some interesting things, which could possibly become our hobby. We still are not sure, whether we are going to like it or not so we should give it a go and test it. If after 30 days of doing any particular activity we’ll decide that this is not your thing, you can simply leave it after this period of time and try another activity. However, if you will decide that this is something you really enjoy doing and you are looking forward to do it again, you spend more time on performing this activity while still looking for other.

Why 30 days? This time will allow you to decide, if you like doing something. Sometimes beginning is hard and as soon as you will start understanding basic rules of doing this activity, you are starting to enjoy it. Or some activity will seem to be perfect, but as soon as you will start learning more about it, you might actually realise that you don’t like to do it any more.

Why shouldn’t you stop searching? You have found your dreamed activity, so why should you? Well, you are right, but at the same time, you found it because you’ve tried. How do you know, if there isn’t any better activity? Or maybe you will like something as much as this first one? This way, you might be sure that you are doing things you have chosen, not because of someone advised you. You’ve tried it yourself, so you know that given activities are perfect to such unique human being, which you are.

I haven’t tried this technique yet. I’ve presented it today, but I will share my opinion on it after testing and when I’ll have some thoughts. I have already prepared list of potential activities I can try and wish me good luck πŸ˜‰

And this is everything for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.