A morning bird? Let’s give it a go!

Hi guys,

Today, I had this tought in my mind: “What if I’ll start getting up earlier?”. I have watched people on YouTube, who took a challenge to wake up at 5am every morning. You might not know, but I am not an early bird and waking up in the morning is propably the hardest task in my entire day. However, I have realised that waking up that early would give me much more time to work on my personal projects. As I start my job at 8:30, need to leave at 8:00 plus I need half an hour to get ready. In total it leaves me with 2.5 hours of early morning work. I decided to have a look how am I going to cope with it for four weeks, starting from following Monday.

But fors, as what good student is supposed to do, I have conducted a research on how to actualy be able to first of all: wake up at 5am; but also how to make this early morning a productive morning (you know, if I will be just wasting time, it will be much better if I’ll just spend these 2 hours on sleeping).

And people who tried it, shared huge amount of advises for those like me. I have decided to choose these of them, being repeated by most people (social proof and this kind of stuff 😉 ). So here are some advices for early-birds-to-be:

Start in the evening

So this is the key idea. Each YouTubers and bloggers who I came across mentioned it. Waking up early doesn’t mean that you are going to cut time required for sleep. It is just shifting it. So in ideal world, you should be sleeping same amount of time like before. And that means you need to go to sleep earlier than usually.

That means that you have to create an evening routine, which will help you to fall asleep easily and what most important: at regular time. I have already made first draft for myself, where last of my tasks is to read book. Hopefully it will make my eyes to close quicker. But still, I want to analyse it first.

Plan your morning

Another thing is, you don’t want to waste your time for wondering what to do next (hey, you woke up to be productive), so good advise is to plan your morning before hand. Just create another routine (this time morning routine), where you plan everything, including eating, drinking, getting ready and of course – getting your tasks done.

Don’t push snooze button

I think this is going to be one of the hardest advises to follow. In the morning, when alarm is going on, snooze is the most desirable thing for me to do. You know, this 10 minutes will change so much, and next 10 minutes and next… Well, not exactly. It can actualy make yoh more tired and less likely you will leave your bed with huge smile on your face (at least it never happens to me).

Stay hydrated

This is quite important point to be included in both routines. You are going to work, so having your brain hydrated will help you for sure. And even if you don’t agree, you can’t say that it is going to harm you. So why not to try.

Include in your morning routine something, what you are going to look forward to

This is a bit tricky. But it does make sense. I don’t know too many people who will wake up happily to keep working. But setting something enjoyable in the morning can actually motivate you to wake up. It needs to be something small, like your favourite brakfast, or short run. Whatever will make you a bit happier in the morning.

While you are planning your morning, take care of every detail

What this mean? Pick up clothes you are going to wear, decide what you are going to eat, prepare al tools needed to work. This will make you less likely to look for excuses. And any way, you have left you cosy bed to do something special, not pick up the clothes.

Make waking up early your new habit

Ok, beginnings are hard, but remember that it will beacome easier as time passes. It will become something natural for you. And you can get a lot of things done during these extra hours you’ll get. Especially that propably everyone around will be still asleep, what means no distractions, no conversations disturb your rythm. And guess what? Your day will become much easier, if before you’ll really start it, big part of your work will be done. It is amazing idea, isn’t it?

I am planning on taking this challenge since following Monday. I am going to plan my routines and do all my best to stick to them. And I am already excited for my new morning routine, which will include eating breakfast and having my morning coffee without rush.

On Monday I will show you, how my routines look like and hopefully share my first observations of my challenge’s results. For the following 4 weeks, I am going to write usual posts, but at the end or beginning of them (I haven’t decided yet) I will include my feelings and progress of each day. Hopefully, it will be usefull at least for some of you to read about my experiences.

And if waking up used to be a struggle for you, but you have tried this challenge or even became a morning bird because of it, I will be glad to read how it went and what do you think about it. Advices will be very welcome too.

And for today, this is all I wanted to share with you. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.



Let’s take care about our future

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about future. Yesterday I visited my friend, who has a 12-years old son. Everything would be fine, if it wasn’t that her boy asked her, to bring him a bottle of water from the fridge and she went. I was shocked. To make it clear, he is healthy boy, doesn’t have any disability or anything like that.

So I asked her, why would she do that and answer I’ve got shocked me even more: “He is still a child”. Ok, I would understand, if he asked his mom to cook for him, because he is hungry (this is something, what 12-years old might not be able to cope on his own yet; and it might be dangerous for him, too), but being too lazy to go to the fridge to grab water was too much for me.

I asked her, how is he going survive, in case if she won’t be able to help him? She said, that he is a boy. He is supposed to work and his wife will do everything around the house. My mind blew away. Women, who just got divorced, because of her husband behaving similar way, is saying that this is great option for her son. As far as she told me, her husband is struggling a lot now. He does not know how to cook, wash the clothes or even do basic cleaning. He is being thrown away from any place he rents, as he is not able to keep it in livable condition (well, if I would be his landlord, I wouldn’t let him live in the house I own too). Now, at the age of 40+, he is learning his lesson in very hard way.

And I can understand that this is some part of culture. They are Indian and this is how they have been tought: women stays at home and take care of it, while men provides for a family (and I don’t want to generalise, I personaly know a lot of indian families – by the way, my husband is Indian too – where this rule have been broken many generations ago). But coming back to this way of upbringing, I can see a lot of disadvantages of such way.

First of all, men, who is supposed to be a support for the family is being treated like a king. Women, on the other hand, is kind of servant for him. There is no partnership, no real relationship. And this is what children are watching since they are being born. I saw a lot of families (not only asian), where man was sitting at home, doing nothing, while wife was working, looking after children, cleaning… and serving husband. She looked like she was about to pass away any time; he looked always very fresh, never saw real work.

The sad part is that very often it happen, that being in situation like this man is cheating on his wife. Because she doesn’t look like before, because she has changed. He doesn’t realise that all this changes are caused by him. Because of hard work, she is doing every day, no matter how tored or sick she is.

Another disadvantage is that, when it comes to separation between husband and wife (no matter if it would be divorce, or death of one of them), we have two people, who are not able to take care of themselves. There is a man, who might be able to earn, but he has to live in horrible mess, eating junk food; and there is a women, who had never worked in her life. Who has no experience at all and finding a job is becoming a huge challenge. By the way, I am wondering how these women must feel. For whole their life, they were forced to kill all their ambitions, very often their education stopped very early. And as soon as there is no husband around, they need to learn about real life very quickly, just to be able to survive. To be honest, I feel very sad for both of these sides. As they are these children, who haven’t been tought responsibility and who are grown up now, without any experience in particular fields.

However, there is one thing, which is the worst. Very often these couples are having children. And these little humans are watching and absorbing this way of life. Finally, they are starting to think that this is the way it is. That there is no other option. And they are starting to repeat rheir parents mistakes.

Now, I would like to clarify one thing. I don’t think that there is something wrong with women staying at home and looking after everything, while men is providing for the family. But I definitely think, that not trying to gain any experience in each other’s responsibilities can bring awful consequences in the future.

Propably, you can say that I am not right person to give upbringing advices. I have no children yet. But what I know for sure is that having a children is a huge responsibility. Your job doesn’t end on buying clothes and making sure they ate. You are supposed to make sure that, when they will grow up, they will be ready to start they own life. And this is hard job. I have no idea, what kind of mother I am going to be (as I know that it is much easier said than done), but I would do all my best to make sure that I will not teach them to wait for everything served on a golden plate. In my opinion, this is one of the most important values to tech each child: to work for whatever we need and to be able to care after oneself. Even if my children will have someone to look after them, they will be prepared in case if something happen (at least I will do alm my best to make it happen).

And this is all I wanted to share with you today. Please, remember that children are the future of this world, so make sure you are putting right things into their heads. Of course, mistakes happen to the best of us, but I belive that giving all out of yourself will make a huge difference.

For now I am going to finish this post. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be very happy to read your opinion about this topic in the comment section. And now I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to win with mistakes?

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about failures in planning. Especially, when you don’t have an experience, you might under-estimate the time, you need to complete particular task. It happened to me last week. I said, that first of my episodes on YouTube is going to be uploaded on last Wednesday or Thursday. However, it had happen, that there was much more work needed to make it presentable, than I thought at the beginning. I haven’t realised, that to meet this deadline I need some more software to proccess my video, after I need to learn (at least on basic level) how to use it, and so on. I also wasn’t aware, that using a completely new kind of program will be so difficult and time-consuming. At least for me (well, actualy I knew, but haven’t thought about it while planning).

So what with my plan? As you can guess, my plan went completely wrong. Everything collapsed just because of one task. And I won’t lie: at the beginning I was about to give up. Just leave all this planning think and try to work like before – without any plan. You know this feeling, when you really want to do something right, but it turns out like always? But fortunately, I have realised, that this is all about. As planning is like riding a bike. Before you’ll become a pro, you need to fall down many times. But if you will give up, you will not even get the idea, how to keep your balance. Same with planning. How you can know, how long particular task is going to take, if you have never tried to plan similar one before?

So when assigning time to tasks you might make a lot of mistakes on the beginning of your planning journey. Maybe just like me, you might not be aware, how particular activity has to be done; or it can simply take longer than you thought it will. But there is no reason to give up on whole plan.

I will share with you some tips on how to actualy minimise consequences of being late because of failing to accomplish one task on time.

Check, if you can reschedule it without major consequences

This is something I failed to do. But before I’ll tell you about it, let me shortly explain, how my planning proccess looks like. Basically, I create huge to-do list filled with task for one week. They are sorted by deadlines and importance. What is kind of important, these task are quite general. Just end product and in reality it contains smaller tasks, which are being assigned to particular day in a week. I don’t plan, what time I am going to do what, as my life style needs a lot of improvements to be called regular. So generally, rescheduling is something new in my planning, which I found out too late. I have spent a lot of time trying to solve one task, which I could easily leave and move deadline (my channel doesn’t have any content yet, so it wouldn’t let anyone down – except me). Instead, I have focused on it ignoring other tasks, so they became late (like my last post being uploaded one day later and today’s three hours later). But this is something I am going to try next time, hopefully 😉

Analyse your mistakes and learn from them

This rule actually applies not only to planning, but to every aspect of our lifes. It is important to, whenever you make mistake, try and find the reason causing it. Maybe you were too tired, or you have underestimated time needed for your task. Maybe you have just scheduled too much and you had no chance to cope with it (it still happens to me, sometimes). There might be a lot of reasons and it is crucial to find them and try to avoid them in the future.

Don’t think about past mistakes

You know, past is past. You can’t change it. Just learn your lesson (after analysing it) and don’t think about it any more. It will not help you at all. It happened already. Going over it again and again might make you fail with next tasks. So don’t bother any more. And start this next task you have planned. It will have much better consequences than crying about the thing, that can’t be changed.

Don’t be afraid to change the way you plan

I know, this is very painfull, when you invented perfect way to plan. But hey! It doesn’t work! You don’t need to change whole system. Just try to incorporate small changes at the time, so you can find something what works better for you. And keep in your mind possibility of mistakes (propably it will take some time till you will stop doing them). So next time you will be prepared and you’ll be able to nail it, even with this small failure in the background.

Don’t give up

This is actualy the worst thing you can do (and I almost did it). As long as you keep going, you still have chance to get everything done (even if it will be slightly later than you wanted, it is still better than if you wouldn’t done it at all).

And this is all for today’s post. I hope it is helpfull for you. As always, I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Finding time in a busy life

Hi guys,

Today, I am going to talk about finding some time in a busy life. Propably, a lot of us would like to have a while to do something they like or just want. But sometimes it is very hard. There is a job; house to clean; family to look after; even sleeping takes great part of our day. And for most of us, this is just beginning of the list.

And where in all of this is time for ourselves? For having some relax, spending time with friends, or just sitting for an hour and read a book or watch at least one episode on netflix?There are people around us, who on a daily basis keep choosing between going out with their friends and sleeping 4 hours less than usually. There are some, who will try to multitask (and I used to be one of this second group), but very often it turns out, that quality of their work decreased a lot. On the other hand, not all activities you can do at the same time. I mean, you can listen to a podcast you always wanted, while eating or brushing your teeth; but it would become more chanellenging if you would try to do so while solving very complicated math equations. At the same time, if you want to do two projects requiring same tools (for example computer), you can just more or less effectively keep switching between the two. I would not call it a multitasking, any way.

Another option is to cut a bits of time out of everyday’s activities. One hour less of sleeping; meals quicker to prepare (but not always healthier); taking 10 minutes shower, instead of half an hour bath (this is actually quite good, not only for your time, but also better for environment); and so on. I know people, who are getting very creative about cutting the time. One of my friends for example, started ordering food from restaurants, so she saved at least one hour daily (money wise it hasn’t look so well, I suppose). Her sister, on the other hand, did cut her beautiful hair, just to save time needed to take care of them…

But I don’t think, that cutting time from everyday activities will help you as much. It might be a good start, but I think, that amount of time we have for particular activities depends on how we prioritise them. I watched one of the TedTalks episode, where that women said (sorry, I forgot her name) about another business women, who claimed not to have time. However, when her basement have been flooded, she could manage to find seven hours (I believe) in one week, just to get it sorted. It’s almost full day in a full-time job! By the way, this episode has introduced me to this idea, I have just adapted it, as I can’t disagree with it.

I can understand it, because, even when I was back in Poland and I was working in two part-time jobs plus full time study, I could find a time to visit my grandma every day, when she was ill or to spend huge amount of time in government institution, when hard way I’ve learnt that I need to pay my tax every year (yeah, I know, I was very clever and prepared adult-to-be 😉 ). This was priority for me at that time and I couldn’t just let it go (well, technically I could, but being judged for not paying taxes at the age of 16 haven’t been something I dreamed of; actualy it was the sceariest thing at that time).

So, if there is something very important, you want to achieve, but somehow you can’t find time for it, think how your time is being used. Were these activities more important than this particular thing? Propably, quality time with people who mean a lot for you, might be more important; but about watching new episode on netflix or scrolling facebook’s feed… Well, I am not so sure. However, I am no the one to judge. You are the only person, who knows what is important in your life, so just think about it and do what is best for you.

And with this I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Too many ideas… Is it good?

Hi guys,

Today, I will tell you one of the reason, why we would like to get somewhere, but we seem to stay in the same place all the time. And what makes people, who are progressing in whatever they do all thee time (sometimes we can’t even keep up with changes happening to them).

On the other hand, some of us have so many ideas, but everything seem to be frozen at the same point (definitely me 😉 ). Not moving forward, not going back. Just same point. And I believe, that having many ideas is some kind of an issue. You might think now, that I became crazy (you know, how could I progress if I have no ideas to do so?), but in this case “many” is the key word.

Let me explain it. Having many ideas is generally a very good sign. It does confirm, that you are a creative person. However, it does hold you back and makes you much more likely to end up with doing nothing. Why?

First of all, working on too many projects usually requires a lot of time. Of course, it is an investment, but as you are switching your available time between many activities, you are seeing your first results even slower, than you would working on just one project. I mean, results are same, but they are divided between so many things, so each of them still have a lot to be done till it’s finally finished (or at least, in presentable stage). It can be quite disappointing, when you realise that you have spent so much time and effort and nothing happen. And this could possibly make you give up.

Secondly, all of us have just a limited amount of time. For each person it is a different amount, but still limited. And trying to do too much at the time makes you much less productive. Instead of fully focusing on one problem, you have a lot of them to handle. And this might decrease your performance. Just imagine, that you have a problem A and a problem B and very quickly you are deciding that you want to handle problem A first. You write an ideas (or possibilities) how to solve it, maybe you even try some of them. But out of the blue, there is this great idea popping up in your head, which will allow you to solve problem B. So you are switching there and while in progress, there is an idea for problem A, and so on. Even if you claim that you are good at focusing on one problem at the time, your mind might make you a joke and show off with it’s creativity about something different. This is how we are working. And if you have more problems at the time, it will be ven harder for you to focus at just one at the time.

I have to admit, that I am guilty of this too. Even with this blog. If you are reading my blog since it’s beginning, you know that I wanted to make it something unbelievable good. Different sections for my goals and passions and different posts about it. I created schedule (which was impossible for me to keep up with) and I failed very quickly. At the moment, my goal is to focus on just one project at the time and as it becomes alive and keeping it upgraded become comfortable for me, add new one. But not before. That made me progress a lot more quicker and more efficiently.

And this is my advise for you. Having a lot of ideas is generally a great thing. But make sure you have some list, where you keep them and work only on limited amount of them (you might be much more organised that me, and handling two or three projects at the time might be a good idea), but make sure it is not more, than you can manage. Just work on your own pace. You know, it is much better to achieve something later, than if you were not to achieve anything at all, isn’t it?

So I am leaving you with this thought for today. I hope you liked this post. I will appreciate, if you’ll share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below. And for now, I wish you a very productive day.


P.S. My second project is not ready to be released, yet. It turned out that there is much more to do than I thought on Monday. I needed to do some more research, before I will be ready to make it happen. However, I hope that it will be ready for tomorrow, and I will let you know in Friday’s post 🙂

New project is out in the world !

Hi guys,

Today is my first day of normal work. Last week I have told you that I have one or two weeks more ro work overtime, but it turned out, that we have already made up all work for missing people and there is no need to stay longer.

Generally, I am happy about it. But I miss it too. I hope it doesn’t make me a workaholic. Any way, I have to admit that this experience taught me a lot (I won’t get into details, as I was writting about it here and here), so end of it makes me wonder if I would get to any more conclusions if this would go on for a longer period of time. Well, maybe I will get another occasion to do so.

Any way, in this post, I wanted to tell you about one of my projects starting today. Or to be more precised, goes out into the world, as I have started working on it quite long time ago. However, today or maybe tomorrow (in case if work I have to do will take longer than I predict) the very first episode on my YouTube channel will be uploaded. Of course it will be just introduction to the channel, where I am going to explain what is the purpose of this channel and how I am going to achieve it. So if you are interested in designing websites and programming, I will put a link to my channel in the next post (I don’t like to invite you to place, where there is no content yet).

And this is it for today. What I have written might be completely useless for you. However, for me it is one of the most important and exciting of the steps, I have taken in my life. I hope you could bare with me this time 😉 the only one time 😉

I wish all of you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Disadvantages of working a lot

Hi guys,

My last post was about changes caused by working more. And as you could see, all of them were very positive. However, I have noticed some disadvantages too, so today I am going to tell you about them.

Without further introduction, here are negative things about this situation:

You are constantly tired

Working a lot, gives you much less time to rest. Even if you are working this 14 hours, you still need to add some more time for getting ready for work, commuting, etc. If you add to this working on your personal projects (even if like me, only 2 hours) you have about seven hours for sleep left. But, except work, there is personal life too. Propably you would like to spend some time with people who matter to you; you might have place to live and connected with it chores; different kind of appointments and meetings. And all that takes a lot of your time (well, at least a lot of my time). So very often I end up with 2 hours of sleep, sometimes bot even this much. As you can imagine, I look like a zombie somtimes 😉

You are forgetting more

This point is kind of connected to the first one. Insufficient sleep makes your brain less sharp. In my case, I can remember about big things, but these small one I tend to just forget. Like for example, I have prepared this post in the morning on Friday, but I forgot to schedule it. So instead of having a post at 8p.m. (UK’s time), it appeared on Saturday in the morning 😉

Your health suffers

Ok, you can say whatever you want, but lack of sleep decrease your immune system a lot. You might think, that it cannot be as bad. Well, since last week I am able to do anything, only because of huge amounts of paracetamol I am taking (even if I know that in long run it is very bad for me). And also, (I am not sure if it happens to every one), I am having headaches quite often.

You are getting angry very easy

This is kind of dangerous. First of all, you can be very rude to innocent people around you. Second of all, you are more likely to give up on your personal projects. Especially if you’ll meet any obstacles on your way. I think, this is also connected to first point of this post.

These are all disadvantages which I can think about at the moment. You might ask me, if it is worthed to work so much. Well, my answer is simple: if you are in situation requiring it, it is worthed. However, I would advise you to take this challenge only for short time. I am coming back to normal schedule of work after one or two weeks. And I won’t lie, I can’t wait for that moment.

However, I have to admit, that I have learnt a lot during this experience. Mostly about myslef. I was able to see things, I couldn’t see before. I believe, that it made me a bit better at planning my time and actualy sticking to my plans. It is also showing me, how much I can handle. This makes me a bit less worried about my projects. Mostly, because of the awareness, that in case if I will invest a lot of my time at some point and I will fail, I will be able to work this way again and quickly make up my money lose (if any would appear because of the failure).

And this is it for today’s post. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my Monday’s post.


What have changed, since I have less time?

Hi guys,

Today, I am writting another post in a bus. It’s been already two weeks, since I am working 1.5 time and I have to admitt, that it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it will be. But what is the most important, is that reduce in my free time, makes me work on my personal projects much more productively. Before this, I used to push my tasks away till the day before deadline, now I can’t afford such action, as it would leave me without possibility of finishing my task on time.

So let me explain you, what have changed during this time:

Just one thing at the time

I’ve always have a problem with too many tasks to do. One of the reasons for that was that I wanted to acomplish too much at the time. Maybe you remember my first posts, when I talked about my goals. It was a lot of projects, which I wanted to carry at the same time. Now, when time isn’t the thing I have too spare, it finally got into my head, that I need to bring one project to the point, where it doesn’t require as much time from me as while setting it up. After move to the other. Well, very simple, isn’t it?

Say no, when you need to

Ok, I have been talking about it before. I was saying, that finally I can say no, when someone asks me to do something, I really don’t want. Before I thought I was, but now I really don’t have time for too much. So “no” became one of my favourite words.

Prioritizing tasks

This has a lot to do with first point. Lack of time doesn’t allow me to do tasks, which are less urgent, while there are a lot of with short deadlines. Similarly, I had to eliminate all task which are not important. At the moment I have huge to-do list saved on my computer, where all tasks are sorted by due date and importance. And I just deal with each of them, starting from first to the last (well, to get to the last it will be a long way; especially, that every day there are new tasks being added).

Using every minute

This is the point, which is the best for me. Before I wouldn’t start any task, if I had less time than I needed to actualy accomplish it. At the moment, even if I have only 10 minutes, I am at least starting next task. And this turned out to be a life changer for me.


This might seem not very important, but believe me: it is. Having less time makes you more focused on the task you are doing. You can’t be distracted by each message coming on your phone, you can’t watch “just one” episode of your program. At the moment I realised, that 15 minutes on YouTube equals 1/8 of all time I have planned for work for the day. And it motivates me to stay focused and watch it when my work is done. Any way, it will not be gone that time 😉

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I wish you a very productive day.


Buying e-books, which are containing already existing blog posts?

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about something, what made me thing a lot in the last couple of months: what is the purpose of buying e-books or books with content from website of the author? I mean, why would you pay for something, what does already exist on the internet? For free!?

As you might have noticed, there are some bloggers writting about certain topic and at some point, they decide to write a book or an e-book and simply sell it. I know a lot of polish bloggers and people appearing in YouTube whi do that. And recently I discovered Pat Flynn, too. I found his podcast “The smart passive Income” recently (well, I found it long time ago, but recently I have started to go through his podcast’s episodes). If you are any how interested in making money online, you propably know this guy very well already.

In one of the first episodes, he is saying that he made an e-book out of his blog post (at least mainly) and in his case, this e-book you can get for free (I am listening to very old of his episodes at the moment, so it could have changed). He explained it’s purpose to be a way of organising a knowledge for a reader, just to make it easier for him to come back to information he needs at any particular moment. He said, that online content is not as convinient, as sometimes there might not be an internet connection, so reader can just read an e-book and have all he needs at any time and organised, without a necessity of jumping across subpages of the website.

I have agreed with this statement. And, especially in Pat Flynn’s case this e-book is for free, so it doesn’t make that much of the difference. If it is for free, you might as well take an advantage of it. But still, it didn’t get into my mind, why people would want to pay for it. If you’ll find an interesting article or blog post, you can always take a notes and you don’t need internet connection to access them again, don’t you? So why waste money?

But something changed in my way of thinking recently. I was working on one of my projects, when I’ve got an emergency call and had to leave my home, just to spend around an hour in the underground. I had so many fresh ideas, but I was missing some information, to put it at least as a draft or notes on my phone, while having nothing more to do. And that time, unconsciously, I have thought: “If I would have saved it on my phone!”.

And this made me understand something. Nowadays, money aren’t the most valuable currency we have (even for most of people who can do a lot to get more money). Time became much more important, according to me. If you don’t have time, you won’t be able to earn money, spend time with your family, rest, etc. And this is the most “fair” currency of all we have. No matter who you are, you have exactly 24 hours every day. Each minute, either wasted or productively used, will never be returned to you. It will just pass. And all benefits of these actions (or lack of them) you’ll see in the future.

I am not sure, if there is such saying existing in English, but in polish we say: “Someone is trying to buy some time”, when for example child is being asked to clean his room, but instead he is trying to involve his mother in the conversation, so she will not ask him about this now. But in reality, he is not buying it. Those minutes, when you procrastinated are gone, and will never come back to you.

I have came across a material online (unfortunately, I can’t remember where), where time was compared to money. You can spend it in many ways: have fun, relax, or invest in activities which will benefit you in the future. No matter what your choice is, it is inreversible. The only thing you can’t do with time, but you can with money, is lend it or borrow it.

I like this way of seeing the time. I am very sad, that I haven’t note it somewhere at the time when I heard it. Hopefully I will come across it again and I will update you, as I belive it is worthed to see an original material.

But just to sum up, buying e-books I have mentioned above, is some kind of investment. You spend your money, to ensure that you will not waste your time in the future. Is it worthed? I think: yes, it is. Money naturally comes and goes. Whatever you spend, you can always spend some time and earn again. However, time being wasted once will never be returned to you. You can’t get it back. So using solutions, which can help you to get your task done and save your time too, seem to be perfect, don’t they?

And with this thought I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


What sits in the tired mind?

Hi guys,

Today, I did understand how important is good time management. And by good, I mean the one which works for you well, even if it is just a simple to do list with time assigned to every task. If it workes for you, that means it’s good (simple, isn’t it?)

As you might have realised, I am up to testing new and new solutions to find the best way for me. When I was younger, I could do much more things to compare with current days. And of course, I was procrastinating. But any way, at the end everything have been done on time. Now it looks a bit different. My procrastination leads me to being late all the time. It is not something I wish it would be the case. On the other hand, handing my projects over in last moment isn’t the most desirable thing for me too.

That’s why I am very happy that I understood how it’s happen that I always have so many urgent task and how to pevent it. However, there is still a lot to do, to bring it to right state. Especially, that I am working up to 14 hours every day. Again.

And it might sound funny for some of you to work so much. For me it does too. But, like everyone, I have my bills to pay, food to buy, and all the spendings we all have. This is something, I need to take care of in the first place. It would be hard to manage any work on my own projects, if I wouldn’t have place to live and food on my plate.

And all this is not to show how hard it is, or to get people saying: “Poor you!”. First of all, there is a lot of people who have worse than me. Who are working much more and still can’t manage to the end of the month. Or who, because of situation, can’t take any job.

So what is the reason? I hope, that when I will bring my projects to the point, where they are bringing some incomes and my life will become easier (at least money wise), it will be proof for all. That everyone, who will come across this post will realise, that this is possible to achieve any goal, it is just a matter of how much you want it and how much you are able to sacrifice.

At some point, I used to think that I can’t get too far. Just because I had worse start than many of my friends. I remember being jelause about them, that their parents could afford journeys abroad for them, where they could learn English; private tutor, to make sure they can understand material we are learning during the classes and many more. I was doing well, but there were some topics, for which I needed a lot of time to understand, while sitting till late night and going through my text books.

And I had my dad. That time I didn’t appreciate him so much. But many times, when I was struggling late at night to understand something, he would sit with me and explain till I will be fine. That time I was quite angry, because while all of my friends could sleep, I had to learn. Just because I didn’t have a tutor. I didn’t appreciate, that my dad just came from his second shift and instead of going to bed, he was spending this time with my homework or preparation for test.

When I grew up, I was still thinking that your family welthness determines how far you can go. My opinion changed, when I’ve met some friends, who had a better start. And now, when we aren’t dependent on our parents, we are at the same point. Some of them even worse than mine. I’ve realised, that it has to be something else, than the place you grew up. And this missing thing in my old idea is me (or you, if you are thinking about your situation).

What is even more interesting, I think that I have even easier. Because my parents couldn’t afford to give me money for everything I wanted, I had to learn how to survive without many things or to learn how to earn for them. And I am sure, that if you are in similar situation, you know what I am talking about.

So this is an advantage. A lot of people will find it hard to work on their personal projects along with professional job. For people, who has less, it is even harder. But we got used to work hard for a long time. And no matter how long we spent outside our home, just making sure that everything is payed on time, we can manage to work just an hour longer at home. Fighting with our eyelids closing on their own. We don’t need to be rewarded straight away.

And this description doesn’t describe only people from poorer families and still, people sometimes are growing up in greediness. But in a lot of families, where parents work a lot to provide for the family, they tend to buy their children. In case if theybwork like this to survive, they can buy toy for their child, to reward their children’s time spend without their parents. They are teaching their children that everything they want, will be given to them on a silver plate. Unfortunately, in real life you need to work for everything. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be any hard job. But what is the most important, it has to be wise work.

That’s all for today’s post. It turned out to be just throwing out my thoughts from my head. I even had some trouble to give it any title. So I’ve just called it what it is.

But any way, as always I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.