Is hustling necessary?

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be sharing my thoughts about hustling. As you may know, one of my goals is to create my own business, which will be profitable enough, so I would be able to provide for me an my family with the opportunity of working at home. As I kept mentioning in my previous posts, since my son was born, my priorities changed radically. There is no longer ‘I’ now there are only ‘we’ with huge stress at ‘him’. You might say, that I had a husband before, so I wasn’t counted as singular any way. And you would be right. But with my husband is a completely different story. He is an adult, so if I would decide that I will not work any more in my life, he is capable to provide for us (of course we wouldn’t be able to go for holiday, buy any unnecessary things, etc). If we speak about my son, he won’t be able to go to work for a long time. He is completely dependent on me and my husband. If we will fail, his future will be harder. He won’t be able to freely look for his passion as he would be restricted to free activities only.

At the same time, my son is at this special stage of his life. He changes every single day. He learns new things at light speed and for me it is important to be present in his life and be able to witness all his ‘firsts’. As at the moment I am working in the night shift (as my son sleeps through all night nearly since he is born, and I can be with him for all the time, while he is awake).

Although, I would like to be able to look after my son, work and at the same time work on my own projects, there are days when I am simply too tired. As I am coming back from my last night in a row, the only thing I am dreaming about is my bed. And I thought that this is fine. I used to get between two and three hours of sleep before my son woke up and I was ready to start a day.

Everything was great, till lack of sleep did not knock me down like never before. Recently, I had to take two weeks off, as getting myself out of the bed was a struggle. The only reason when I did this was my son asking for food or just for some attention. I felt, like I caught the worst flu ever. Standing for too long used to make me dizzy.

And all that made me realise one thing. Hustle is important, when you are working on your projects, even with all other responsibilities on your shoulders. But what I decided to incorporate into my life is healthy hustling. Let me explain what I mean by that. In my understanding (I am not even sure if something like healthy hustling exists outside of my understanding) healthy hustling is an ability to use time you have, without sacrificing other stuff. So, I am going to continue working on my projects, but I will do this around my schedule, not by damaging my health. I will get as much as I can while my son is sleeping, instead of not sleeping when I am off in work. I’ve also changed my job and now I will spend six to eight hours per shift (which will stretch up to maximum eight and a half including commuting), not like I used to spend twelve plus two hours of travelling, including way to and from my work place. And I will try not to stress out any more. Especially, that I will do my best, using all available time I have.

I still call it hustling, as I will sacrifice my time, which I would normally spend on watching Netflix or YouTube (except self development, which is necessary to carry on working on my first product). For now, I have forgotten about any dead lines connected to my project. I’ve realised, that as long as I will do my best, it doesn’t matter when it will be ready. Hopefully soon.

This decision and radical changes in my mind are caused by the fact that I have a son. I don’t want to discourage him from working hard on what he love, just by showing to him how exhausting it is. I also want to teach him to work smart and care for his health and knowing that he is going to learn by observing me, I want to be the best example possible.

And with this thought I will leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.