How to be creative? And what for?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about creativity and it’s importance. I will also share some tips, how to train your creativity.

But before we’ll go to training, let me explain, why I think that creativity is important. If you’ve read my last post, about changes in job environment, you might know that with technological development a lot of professions might disappear. However, I do think that it doesn’t mean that skills you need to do these jobs will become useless. The only think is to find the other way to use them, in order to provide for yourself and your family. And here creativity will come in handy.

Even now, there are a lot of universities producing unemployed graduates with huge loans to be paid for their studies. Even if their job haven’t disappear, there are so many specialists in their field, that finding a good job is being considered something close to mirracle. And very often these educated young people are forced to take some low paid job, or to stay unemployed, hoping that they are going to be part of mirracle.

At the same time, there are some grduates with the same degree, who managed to create very well paid job for themself. They just used their creativity to fill a gap between what people need and what market has to offer to these people.

That’s why I do believe, that creativity is one of the most important skills (or maybe characteristics will be a better word) in today’s world.

Ok, but what can you do, when you are not creative at all? Firstly, I think that this is a pure lie. Each and every of us is creative. The only difference between people who succeed and these who don’t is what these people do with their ideas. One of the examples for that might be my friend. Around five years ago he wanted to write a story or, if it’d turned like this, a book. He had great idea, I had an opportunity to read some fragment and I really thought that it will be very good job. However, after few days, he decided that there is no point, there will be no one who would like to read it. And he gave up. But I still think, that only if he wouldn’t give up that time, now he would be a very good writer.

So this is the main point of this post: to realise, that all of us are creative. We just can’t believe that it would work, so we are leaving our ideas far behind, just wondering what would happen if we would try.

However, we are never so creative, that we cannot be any more. So I will present you some of my tips to boost your creativity (most of them I found on various YouTube channels and blog post, but as it was long time ago, I will not be able to mention where exactly).

First of these excercises is to create a problem each day and write as many solution to solve it as we can (I put my minimum as five). Examples of such problem might be: “I lost my job out of blue, what I am going to do?” or “I found that I no longer have place to live, what I am going to do?”. This examples are quite challenging, especially that you have to find five possible solutions to them. But you can choose something less depressing, like “I want to develop an application, what it will be?”.

Another thing, I do to feel more creative, is that I am writting all crazy ideas that come to my mind. Each of them will do, if only while having them I was thinking: “this is pointless”. And from this list I pick one and try to make it happen (by the way, this blog is one of these ideas and so is my YouTube channel). They not always turn out to be good ideas, but at least I tried.

And last, but not least, have a hobby which requires you to create something. It might be writting, painting, drawing, making movies, designing clothes, etc. You don’t have to show it to anyone, if you don’t want to. Just do it for yourself, and do everything crazy what will come to your mind with it. You’ll see the difference very quickly, trust me. And who knows? Maybe it will become one more skill to help you in the future?

And with this thought I am going to leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


A morning bird? Let’s give it a go!

Hi guys,

Today, I had this tought in my mind: “What if I’ll start getting up earlier?”. I have watched people on YouTube, who took a challenge to wake up at 5am every morning. You might not know, but I am not an early bird and waking up in the morning is propably the hardest task in my entire day. However, I have realised that waking up that early would give me much more time to work on my personal projects. As I start my job at 8:30, need to leave at 8:00 plus I need half an hour to get ready. In total it leaves me with 2.5 hours of early morning work. I decided to have a look how am I going to cope with it for four weeks, starting from following Monday.

But fors, as what good student is supposed to do, I have conducted a research on how to actualy be able to first of all: wake up at 5am; but also how to make this early morning a productive morning (you know, if I will be just wasting time, it will be much better if I’ll just spend these 2 hours on sleeping).

And people who tried it, shared huge amount of advises for those like me. I have decided to choose these of them, being repeated by most people (social proof and this kind of stuff 😉 ). So here are some advices for early-birds-to-be:

Start in the evening

So this is the key idea. Each YouTubers and bloggers who I came across mentioned it. Waking up early doesn’t mean that you are going to cut time required for sleep. It is just shifting it. So in ideal world, you should be sleeping same amount of time like before. And that means you need to go to sleep earlier than usually.

That means that you have to create an evening routine, which will help you to fall asleep easily and what most important: at regular time. I have already made first draft for myself, where last of my tasks is to read book. Hopefully it will make my eyes to close quicker. But still, I want to analyse it first.

Plan your morning

Another thing is, you don’t want to waste your time for wondering what to do next (hey, you woke up to be productive), so good advise is to plan your morning before hand. Just create another routine (this time morning routine), where you plan everything, including eating, drinking, getting ready and of course – getting your tasks done.

Don’t push snooze button

I think this is going to be one of the hardest advises to follow. In the morning, when alarm is going on, snooze is the most desirable thing for me to do. You know, this 10 minutes will change so much, and next 10 minutes and next… Well, not exactly. It can actualy make yoh more tired and less likely you will leave your bed with huge smile on your face (at least it never happens to me).

Stay hydrated

This is quite important point to be included in both routines. You are going to work, so having your brain hydrated will help you for sure. And even if you don’t agree, you can’t say that it is going to harm you. So why not to try.

Include in your morning routine something, what you are going to look forward to

This is a bit tricky. But it does make sense. I don’t know too many people who will wake up happily to keep working. But setting something enjoyable in the morning can actually motivate you to wake up. It needs to be something small, like your favourite brakfast, or short run. Whatever will make you a bit happier in the morning.

While you are planning your morning, take care of every detail

What this mean? Pick up clothes you are going to wear, decide what you are going to eat, prepare al tools needed to work. This will make you less likely to look for excuses. And any way, you have left you cosy bed to do something special, not pick up the clothes.

Make waking up early your new habit

Ok, beginnings are hard, but remember that it will beacome easier as time passes. It will become something natural for you. And you can get a lot of things done during these extra hours you’ll get. Especially that propably everyone around will be still asleep, what means no distractions, no conversations disturb your rythm. And guess what? Your day will become much easier, if before you’ll really start it, big part of your work will be done. It is amazing idea, isn’t it?

I am planning on taking this challenge since following Monday. I am going to plan my routines and do all my best to stick to them. And I am already excited for my new morning routine, which will include eating breakfast and having my morning coffee without rush.

On Monday I will show you, how my routines look like and hopefully share my first observations of my challenge’s results. For the following 4 weeks, I am going to write usual posts, but at the end or beginning of them (I haven’t decided yet) I will include my feelings and progress of each day. Hopefully, it will be usefull at least for some of you to read about my experiences.

And if waking up used to be a struggle for you, but you have tried this challenge or even became a morning bird because of it, I will be glad to read how it went and what do you think about it. Advices will be very welcome too.

And for today, this is all I wanted to share with you. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.