Education? Why do I need it?

Hi guys,

Today I will try to explain you, why education should be a very important thing in people’s life. I have a feeling that at the moment people could be divided into three categories. First one does not see any point of learning at all. They could spend the whole day watching tv, partying or just lying down in the bed. Second group will contain all these people, who don’t really care for education. They might be doing well at school, but just because someone is expecting this from them. They don’t see importance in learning, but they don’t mind it either. And finally third group will do a lot to be able to learn a new thing. They feel like learning is their hobby.

No matter what group do you belong to, you might find it interesting to find out why do I thing that education is important. First of all, learning new things makes you capable to do more jobs. Your cv is becoming more and more unique, as you have learnt a lot of different skills. That makes you more required potential employee.

There are also other advantages of learning. We’ve been taught in school, that learning helps your brain develop correctly. It shortens time you need to learn new things, what could help you a lot if you were to do something what requires you to learn new things quickly.

I also thing that as more you’ll learn, as more likely you are going to find something what you love to do. In my opinion, it is very hard to find some activity which would make us get up from bed with smile on our face. I have been struggling to find one for a long time. But as I was working on a project in school and doing my research, I found one. As I’ve started learning, I’ve realised how many opportunities it could create. This became a very important aspect.

And finally, I think that constant education is a necessity nowadays. When I used to go to school, I have been counting down years, when finally I will have no necessity to learn even one more thing in my life. How naive I was 🙂 It turned out that, with world developing so fast, there is no chance to be able to even function in the society. Just look at some older people, who grew up in time, when there was no internet, no cell phones, basically no technology which we know now. If they wanted to sort out anything, they had to go to right office, queue for many hours and after that their thing has been sorted. In today’s world a lot of these people find it hard to adjust. They are not able to learn how to use computer, where to log in to even transfer money for their rent. There are more and more institution, which resigned from face to face contact with customers. They did it to save people’s time, however, these older people could feel lost because of that. Very often they need to ask their grand children or children for help with things, which were so easy to handle in their mind.

The other thing is, that it is very easy to cheat people who are not very literate in specific topic. Even such a basic thing like security online. Some principles which would prevent your life to be destroyed. One of the examples I can talk about are profiles on social media, where parents want to share with everyone that they bought a new very expensive car, home, furniture, etc. and the next day they are showing their child in school uniform, without a fear, that someone could use their child, for example to get material benefits from them. Or pictures of naked children playing in the garden or taking bath, which are landing on websites for paedophiles. All this is scary, but in my opinion it is a result of lack of education about security online.

With this thought I am going to end today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I wish you all a very productive day and I’ll see you in my new post.