Is technology our ally or enemy?

Hi guys,

Today is the day, when I have more stuff to do than I possibly can. Everything because of multiple appointments, I have in the morning, and uni (where I have no choice, but be late). In days like this, I really appriciate technology. Simple tasks, like writting this post and replying to my emails are possible just because I have my phone with me. And sorting my tasks, by categories, where I can just see everything what I can do on my phone (I have written about this here) makes my life much easier.

However, sometimes technology might make our goals be forgotten. I don’t know what about you, but I am a bit addicted to my phone. And I don’t talk about working on my tasks. The biggest problem is that I am getting distracted very easily by all apps like facebook, whatsapp or YouTube (I’ve removed netflix from my phone and cancelled my subscribtion, as it used to be a time killer for me). What we need to remember as mobile users is that all these apps are made to catch our attention and hold us there as long as it is possible. This is how money is earned (well, sad thing is that we aren’t the one who does earn it) in todays world. Attention of people is a way, how you get opportunity to attract new customers to various companies and earn some commission, to get some income from add banners or to market your own product.

That’s why it is very important to be aware, where our attention is driven. All this distractions aim to take our time, leaving us with sense of achieving nothing.

So what technology really is? Well, it depends on how we are using it. It might become our worse enemy (I’ve heard stories, where mothers neglected looking after their children and did put their lifes in great risk just to use their phone or laptops), but only if we will allow it. If we are able to limit spending time on distractive apps and use our devices for things we actualy need to do, technology will become our best friend helping us to achieve our goals.

And this is it for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.