Appriciation and a success

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about appreciation. A lot of us, can’t really get anywhere, because we are focusing too much on the stuff we don’t have. Instead of being gratefull for the roof over our head and food on our plates, we tend to get jelous that other people have better home, car or technological gadgets. In reality, we can’t get all this stuff, if we are not able to be happy of what we have.

You might ask why? Well, answer is quite simple. Life will never be easy; having money will sort some of our problems, like rent and bills. However, it will create some new one. One of the common problems is worrying about losing your wealth. There is a saying, that as higher you climb, as more painful it will be when you’ll fall.

I heard stories about people, who after getting rich very quickly, became scared to leave their property, as they were worried that someone can rob it while they’re gone. They stopped believing their family members and friends. They thought that each person is trying to steal money from them.

That’s why it is very important to treat material goods as a tool, but focusing on things, which are much more important in life. Money is important nowadays, but if you lose it, there are multiple options to get them back. However, if you lose people around you, getting them back as your allies might be impossible.

The other thing connected to having a lot of money is a mindset. I know people who started earning more than they used to, let’s say for the purpose of this example, they doubled their incomes, but at the same time they doubled cost of their life style also. Although, they were supposed to get their finances straight after rise of their salary, they have exactly same problems, except that they have to face them in let’s say bigger home. Instead of staying in same, or just a bit better level of life, where they are able to get rid of their debts and maybe save some emergency funds before they start living better, they do it the other way around. It might be good option for some people, but before you make the decision, make sure you’ll analyse it first. Just to be sure that it is not worth it to appriciate your salary’s rise, as a way to get peace of mind and start thinking about renting bigger home when your debts are sorted, so you can start with the blank page.

And with this short thought I am going to finish today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Why all this productivity things, self-development and ideas are so important for me?

Hi guys,

Today’s post is a continuation of my previous post (here is the link, if you are interested), where I introduced you to the way, how I am dealing with my ideas. As my dream is to be able to earn my living by working from home. Moreover I want to build sources of passive income online, so most of my ideas are connected with that.

However, building passive income online is quite a big struggle. There are not too many stories, where you are becoming rich overnight and instead, there is a lot of work going on at the beginning, without any income at all. And, as a passive income seems to be a very convenient option, there are a lot of people who got discouraged and simply gave up before seeing any results at all. This was the reason, why I have started this blog. Just to keep me moving. To have some space, where I can track progress on my goals. But as time passed, I have realised that this is not the way to follow. And I decided to share my thoughts and opinions about things I am reading or just things I knew since very long time, but never had an occasion to think them through.

Switching the way with my blogging, made me realise that building a passive income requires a lot of changes. You need to develop patience and you have to learn how to enjoy the process. After all, you will never know, if this project you are working on at the moment, will ever be successful. But the fact of building passive income itself make you more productive. Just because you can’t just leave your job right away (especially if you don’t have enough savings to survive for some time) and you have to work on it in your free time, when people around are just relaxing.

To be honest, people around can be discouraging as well. You will probably hear a lot of opinions that you are just wasting your time. That nothing is going to work. You have made so much effort already, so where are your results? You might even believe them at some point. But the way, how I am writing my posts at the moment, requires from me a lot of analysing. Wondering about the world, about myself… But it also requires a lot of learning. I just watch some videos and I am getting inspired, so I am trying to go deeper into the topic and learn more.

What is impressive, I had to learn to look around me. Before I was known as a person walking with my head in the clouds. I could pass by the people I know very well and just not even notice them (even if they said “Hi!” to me). At the moment I am watching the world around me. I can see people’s struggles, sadness, happiness and all set of different emotions. I can see their behaviours and learn. Learn about people and the whole society I am living in. I feel that this makes me a better person.

However, I have slipped out of passive income topic. Building it online makes you work a lot from home. You hardly meet any people, you don’t deal with them a lot (I mean, there are some people who you are talking online). You will need to care for your social life yourself. You have to make sure, you are meeting your friends spending quality time with your family, just to simply socialise with the people.

So coming up to the conclusion building the passive income requires a lot of work, which doesn’t show any results on the beginning. You might want to carry on with different sources of your passive income, however I have decided to focus on one at the time and carry on to the next one as soon, as the previous one doesn’t require a lot of work from me any more (or I will just become familiar with it and it will not keep taking a lot of time for me). You might need to invest some money as well (but it depends on the things you are doing). But what is the most important (at least in my opinion), you have to keep learning constantly. Learn about things you are doing (just to become better in them); learn about yourself, to find how to overcome moments of resignations and learn how to stay productive, while everyone around is just relaxing. The other thing I haven’t mentioned yet, your products (whether it is a website, YouTube channel, book, podcast, etc.) should bring some kind of value for people, who are going to use them, either it will be something entertaining, educational or any other.

But what I think is the most important, they have to be unique. And you can ask: How can I make an unique product, if there are already millions of them out there? Everything has been told! And you would be right. However, the important thing is how are you going to deliver your value. And there is a wide field here to experiment, to include your unique personality here and there and just make it stand out of the crowd.

Now you might ask, if it is worth so much effort. Sacrificing evenings out and working a lot of extra hours every day instead (I have even heard that this is a slavery job; I am working like dumb just for free)? Well, for me it does. First of all, learning process is very exciting. Second of all, If I can work harder now and be able to rest after, not worrying about my incomes? I am in!

And what is important, I am making sure, that my projects are about something, what is very interesting for me. So even by working more, I am doing things I love to do any way. Moreover, there are still a lot of things I want to learn, just because I would like to be able to do particular things. So including them into building my passive income is very effective, actually.

And this is it for today’s post. I hope you like it and that it explained you, why I am so interested in self development and productivity topics. Why ideas are so important for me and why I want to make sure that I am not loosing any important one.

If you have any questions about passive income, you can ask them in comment section below. I will answer them either by replying to your comment or writing a next post (if your question requires more explanation). What is important, this blog is not a way to earn any money, it is some kind of journal, where I am keeping my thoughts and I hope that my point of view might help someone. If I will be able to earn some extra money, I will probably use this opportunity, but there it isn’t a source I consider as passive income.

For today, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Forbidden friut tastes the best

Hi guys,

Today is a third day since I have returned to work. And I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, I hate being out of work doing nothing. I know that health is the most important (that is the reason, why I haven’t do anything; usually, I tend to break doctor’s rules). However, last few days, my head felt very heavy, eventhough I slept much more than usually. And I felt generally tired. As my employer believed me that I was unable to work (he visited me in hospital), he did not need to see my doctor’s leave and as I feel much better than yesterday, I’ve decided to forget that I can stay at home till end of the week.

What I’ve realised recently, staying at home on doctor’s leave makes me feel much more unwell, than I actually am. Maybe it is just a think, that I sleep a lot, but simply, I don’t like it. I feel like I am not able to do anything. Like nothing has sense. What I have learnt, returning to work makes me feel better (any way, my boss doesn’t let me do too hard work straight after returning back; this actually cause my mixed feelings).

There is one saying in polish (and I am not sure, if it exists only in polish language; you can let me know in comment section, if in your country you have it too), which goes: “Forbidden fruit tastes the best”. That means that if you shouldn’t be doing something, you will do it. Just because it is forbidden. I can’t explain, why it happens this way, but when I think about it closely, it really does happen to me quite often.

Since I was a child, I remember that things, my parents asked me not to do, always seemed more attractive. I think,6 it was some kind of adrenaline. You know, this voice in my head: “What if I will get caught?”. Or maybe it was just a need of independence? Whatever it was, it was worthed breaking rules. This feeling, that: “Hey! I did it and I am still ok!”.

However, things being forbidden very often are some kind of a hazard for our health or safety. Propably this is a reason, why we are not supposed to do them. Similar is with my work.

I have to admit that I like my job in general. But there are some aspects of it making me not want to go there. Every here and then I just pray for few days off. A little time to rest. However, any time I am on a doctor leave, I can’t wait to go to work. There is some force out there pushing me and staying at home makes me feel worse. And this time I’ve started wondering, why this is happening. Does it mean that I am a workaholic? Or maybe it is kind of my forbidden fruit?

I came to a conclusion, that it must be the second one. This kind of thing, when I don’t really want to do something and I need a break, but because it is a forced break, I am getting frustrated about it. Does it sound weird? For me it does, eventhough I am guilty of it. And as I am thinking about it more, I am realising that this is not a first time when I am doing it.

Ok, but why am I actually thinking about it? It is just happening, isn’t it? Well, I believe that if we want to take real control over our life, we need to understand what causes our behaviours. As long as we are not aware of them, we can’t really prevent them. And on the other side, if there is some behaviour, we want to incorporate in our life more, we should determine what needs to happen to make us behave this particular way.

And I believe that self-awareness is a neccessary tool in self-development. How can you change something, if you don’t know what is going on? It is like if you would go to doctor with a headache and he would give you random medicines without figuring out what is the problem. This would be weird, wouldn’t it?

That’s the reason why I think, that first thing to sort any problem, is to figure out what causes it. If you can prevent it, you can stop this problem to occur again. Or, if it is about behaviours, better understanding of yourself will improve the control you have over your emotions and will help you to make more reasonable decisions in the future and give you chance to think them through before, instead of acting afected by emotions.

And with this thought, I am going to end this post. Have a productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Let’s take care about our future

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about future. Yesterday I visited my friend, who has a 12-years old son. Everything would be fine, if it wasn’t that her boy asked her, to bring him a bottle of water from the fridge and she went. I was shocked. To make it clear, he is healthy boy, doesn’t have any disability or anything like that.

So I asked her, why would she do that and answer I’ve got shocked me even more: “He is still a child”. Ok, I would understand, if he asked his mom to cook for him, because he is hungry (this is something, what 12-years old might not be able to cope on his own yet; and it might be dangerous for him, too), but being too lazy to go to the fridge to grab water was too much for me.

I asked her, how is he going survive, in case if she won’t be able to help him? She said, that he is a boy. He is supposed to work and his wife will do everything around the house. My mind blew away. Women, who just got divorced, because of her husband behaving similar way, is saying that this is great option for her son. As far as she told me, her husband is struggling a lot now. He does not know how to cook, wash the clothes or even do basic cleaning. He is being thrown away from any place he rents, as he is not able to keep it in livable condition (well, if I would be his landlord, I wouldn’t let him live in the house I own too). Now, at the age of 40+, he is learning his lesson in very hard way.

And I can understand that this is some part of culture. They are Indian and this is how they have been tought: women stays at home and take care of it, while men provides for a family (and I don’t want to generalise, I personaly know a lot of indian families – by the way, my husband is Indian too – where this rule have been broken many generations ago). But coming back to this way of upbringing, I can see a lot of disadvantages of such way.

First of all, men, who is supposed to be a support for the family is being treated like a king. Women, on the other hand, is kind of servant for him. There is no partnership, no real relationship. And this is what children are watching since they are being born. I saw a lot of families (not only asian), where man was sitting at home, doing nothing, while wife was working, looking after children, cleaning… and serving husband. She looked like she was about to pass away any time; he looked always very fresh, never saw real work.

The sad part is that very often it happen, that being in situation like this man is cheating on his wife. Because she doesn’t look like before, because she has changed. He doesn’t realise that all this changes are caused by him. Because of hard work, she is doing every day, no matter how tored or sick she is.

Another disadvantage is that, when it comes to separation between husband and wife (no matter if it would be divorce, or death of one of them), we have two people, who are not able to take care of themselves. There is a man, who might be able to earn, but he has to live in horrible mess, eating junk food; and there is a women, who had never worked in her life. Who has no experience at all and finding a job is becoming a huge challenge. By the way, I am wondering how these women must feel. For whole their life, they were forced to kill all their ambitions, very often their education stopped very early. And as soon as there is no husband around, they need to learn about real life very quickly, just to be able to survive. To be honest, I feel very sad for both of these sides. As they are these children, who haven’t been tought responsibility and who are grown up now, without any experience in particular fields.

However, there is one thing, which is the worst. Very often these couples are having children. And these little humans are watching and absorbing this way of life. Finally, they are starting to think that this is the way it is. That there is no other option. And they are starting to repeat rheir parents mistakes.

Now, I would like to clarify one thing. I don’t think that there is something wrong with women staying at home and looking after everything, while men is providing for the family. But I definitely think, that not trying to gain any experience in each other’s responsibilities can bring awful consequences in the future.

Propably, you can say that I am not right person to give upbringing advices. I have no children yet. But what I know for sure is that having a children is a huge responsibility. Your job doesn’t end on buying clothes and making sure they ate. You are supposed to make sure that, when they will grow up, they will be ready to start they own life. And this is hard job. I have no idea, what kind of mother I am going to be (as I know that it is much easier said than done), but I would do all my best to make sure that I will not teach them to wait for everything served on a golden plate. In my opinion, this is one of the most important values to tech each child: to work for whatever we need and to be able to care after oneself. Even if my children will have someone to look after them, they will be prepared in case if something happen (at least I will do alm my best to make it happen).

And this is all I wanted to share with you today. Please, remember that children are the future of this world, so make sure you are putting right things into their heads. Of course, mistakes happen to the best of us, but I belive that giving all out of yourself will make a huge difference.

For now I am going to finish this post. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be very happy to read your opinion about this topic in the comment section. And now I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.