New resolutions?

Hi guys,

I have been thinking about whether or not shall I upload this post or not. All you, who follow me for a long time know, that it isn’t one of my strength to make my resolutions happen. However, I, as probably most of us, had an opportunity to think my life through this year. And the place, where I am now, definitely, isn’t the one I want to stay for too long.

And although I wanted to change it multiple times, with rather poor results so far, I am much more determined to make it happen in 2021. So let’s get to the roots of this blog and please allow me to present you my New Year’s resolutions:

Pay all my debts

This one is quite self-explanatory. I have been working on this goal for the last two years and it is the only goal actually on the progress to being ticked off out of the list. For 2021 there is not much left and let’s hope that for 2022 I will be planning the amount of savings to have instead 😉

Manage to have £10/month passive income

This goal has been reviewed probably a million times. The amounts were changing each year, or the amounts of income streams. Anyway, it did not work as planned. So for this upcoming year, I’ve decided to focus on getting a passive income of any kind, without focusing on a huge amount. To get to big amounts, I need to start first.

Get my son singed in for a regular fun activity

As you might know, I have a little son, who is going to be 2 in April. He is an endless energy volcano. And as he is growing and getting more aware of what’s going on around him, I want to find some fun activity for him to have fun and let some of this energy out. I hope to test a trampoline park and a swimming pool first, to see how he likes it. And I’ll go from there.

Get a hang on meal planning

Since I’ve returned to work, homemade food isn’t an everyday thing in our home. I even wonder sometimes if we shouldn’t get the best customer award from Just Eat. So the skill of meal planning and pre-prepping is something that I will appreciate a lot. And my family too.

Start exercising

Exercising has been a goal that everyone should consider in my opinion. I have been putting it away using the excuse that I am working physically. However, as my work includes lifting, I realised that my back muscles are very weak and it will be nice to take care of them.

Work on personal projects

Here is the tricky one, as in the previous years I have been working on them a lot. However, I always lacked consistency. This year I am going to assign some time for this work and treat it as if it was my contract job.

That’s are all of my new year’s resolutions. For some, it might be not a lot, for others, too many. For me, it is something that is realistic to achieve and I hope to carry on with it.

If you have thought about your resolutions already, please share them in the comment section, I will be delighted to read them. For now, I wish you a very productive day, and I’ll see you in my next post.


New Year’s goals and resolution – how to achieve them?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about New Year’s resolutions and goals. As January approached, there might be a lot of things we want to achieve in 2019. But it isn’t new that very often we realise at the end of each year, that we haven’t progress with our goals a lot. There might be various reasons for this, starting from being unwell, through unexpected events that happened in our life, to just being lazy. However, no matter what was the reason, we might feel bad about it.

That’s why, today I would like to share with you some tips on how to prepare list of resolutions and goals for 2019, so it will not be too overwhelming, but at the same time you will be able to proudly say, that all or almost all of your goals have been ticked off.

Make sure that your list has an end

This might seem kind of simple, but having this new boost of energy and motivation, makes it very easy to overestimate your time. Especially, that there are 12 months in front of you, equivalent to 365 days and many, many hours. And that’s true. But it is worth it to remember that there are a lot of other activities that are going to take some of this time. You might want to eat, sleep, meet your friends and family. Sometimes you might need to spare some time for this newest episode on Netflix, too. Having your list too long might discourage you to do anything, especially if half way through you’ll realise that it’s length haven’t at all or got just a bit shorter than it used to be. In case you can always add something on as you go, so make sure you are not overwhelming yourself at the beginning.

Keep your goals specific

There is probably no worst thing I can think of while planning my goals. Something like “I want to be rich” or “I want to read more” is very hard to verify. Because, if you are earning £2000 monthly, does it mean you are already rich? Or if you used to read one book a year, but this year you will manage to read one and a half, do you read more? Are you happy with it? So set actual amount and work towards it. You can always increase it, if you’ll realise that you are going to achieve it earlier.

Make a plan how you are going to achieve your goals

Having just a list of goals, even the best one, probably will not make you achieve them. For example, if your goal is to visit some country this year, make sure that you’ll schedule research (sometimes you might need some extra documents, you would probably like to know which cities you would like to visit or if you go to just one specific city, knowing what you want to see there might be helpful too. When you know that, you can schedule working on necessary documents, planning your budget, booking tickets, hotels, etc.

Similarly, if you want to learn a new skill, you would like to plan they way you are going to do this. Are you going to join a course, or use free resources? And good thing might be scheduling some time for it (for example an hour a day, or two hours a week).

Having all these steps for all your goals and actually scheduling them in your planner is going to help you to focus on what is important now. That will ensure  that you are not wasting your time on things, that are not so urgent yet.

Prioritise goals to make sure you don’t have too many goals requiring a lot of effort

This might seem a bit weird. Of course, you want to achieve as much as you can, why limit yourself? Well, this is very closely connected to the first point of this list. Even though, year has a lot of days, there are also other activities you might like to focus on. Goals are important, but they will not make for all your life. You might need to work, you might have a family and friends to spend time with. Definitely you need to eat, sleep and find some time to just relax and do nothing. Being productive require finding a balance between work and all other stuff human does. That’s why previous point is so important. Having actions for your goals scheduled, you can see how much time you are going to really have. And if it will turn out that there is not sufficient amount, you might resign out of one or two of your goals just for now and as you handle remaining one, you might add them as a replacement. That’s why having your goals prioritised, will help you to decide on which goals you definitely want to focus on and which of them could wait just a bit longer.

A good idea might be to have some kind of running list, where you have all goals you are working on at the moment, and some additional list, where are other goals to be added, if time will allow you to do so. Even if you will not be able to achieve all goals from both lists, you will have predefined list for next year and the only thing you’ll have to do, will be to ensure that all of them are still valid and eventually add some new one.

These are all the tips I would like to share with you today. I hope that they will be of any use for you. For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.