Shall I write about something, I have just started learning about?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you one thing. I am not sure, if you are interested in this topic, but my friends asked me about it multiple times. This question is:

How can you give advises to people in any topic, if you are not specialist yourself?

And this is actualy quite valid question, as I can’t say that I am any kind of educated person (in the topic of motivation or time management). However, if you’ll look at my about page, you’ll see that I have never said so. I keep researching different techniques, trying them to share with you what have been working for me. I have never said that I am the author of any of them (I adjusted some of them to my needs, but only minor changes have been made).

Having said that, I am not saying that the way I am working is the only and the best possible; this is just the one which is working for me.

Why am I writting about it here? Well, one of the things which was stopping me from starting this blog more than a couple years ago, was the fact that I wasn’t sure, if I have knowledge to write about anything. The only aspect of it, which I haven’t thought at that time, was that learning proccess is the best time to share your knowledge. Why? Being specialist could make it harder. Simply, you might not remember that things which seem to be a basic knowledge for you, might not be seen in such a way by your readers, who are just starting an adventure with particular topic.

And that might make your articles less understandable than you would like them to be. At leat for people who are new to the topic. Of course, there are a lot of specialists who can present a topic in an easy way, but it is much harder. Being a beginner yourself, helps you determine what was unclear for you and, provided that you have researched it well and tested, you are able to explain basic concepts it in more details.

Also, writting about things, which you have just learnt, is profitable for you. It’s great way to test your knowledge, as if you are able to explain some topic to other people, means that you really understand it. Having questions from other newbies in the topic, might show you things which you haven’t read about or you didn’t fully understand.

All this makes your learning proccess much more efficient and, at the same time, you are helping others, who like you are just starting. So if you are held by the fact that your knowledge is not sufficient, just ignore it and keep going for your idea. In the worse case scenario, you’ll force yourself to understand the topic better and your knowledge will have solid basis. You don’t lose anything, so why not to try?

I am going to leave you with this thought for now. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.