What shall I study to find a job after?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about something what have been bothering me for a long time, namely: new responsibilities. As we are all living in rapidly changing world, where we can’t really be sure what is going to happen tomorrow, we are exposed to many unexpected situations. On the top of this, more and more often we can hear, that soon robots are going to replace people in many jobs.

Sometimes, during conversations with my friends, I am finding out that they don’t see any point in further learning, as it will leave them as another uneployed master or phd diploma holder. And unfortunatelly, very often they are right. Especially if they are associating their education with standard institutions only, like schools, universities and some kind of courses on top of that. Even now, we have a lot of people being graduated with the best possible marks, but still struggling to find a job of their dream. But on the other hand, there are a lot of people, who hardly graduated from primary school, but doing great any way.

So what in reality matters when we are trying to plan our future? How to choose a degree, which will not end up as three years being wasted, leaving us with student loan? While thinking about answers for these questions, I came up with some tips for myself:

  • Whatever degree you choose, make sure you have a plan

This is very important thing for me. Starting a university, you are going to learn a lot of various things. At the same time, you are not going to need all knowledge, which you are going to get there. Having some kind of plan might help you decide, on which subjects do you need to focus more and which of them require you to have just some basic knowledge. Even if during your course you’ll change my mind, you will still have basic knowledge to explore the topic much quicker.

  • Make sure that you are going to learn something, what is interesting for you

This is something what a lot of people are forgetting about. Studying for even just three years might be quite a hard task. But if you study something what makes you bored… well, I wish you good luck… But if you are thinking that it is just three years, you can survive it, remember that there are many years of work in choosen profession ahead of you. So maybe it is worthed to consider, wether you really can survive?

  • Don’t focus just on your university work

I think, this is the most important thing. While you are learning, try to find as many opportunities as you can to gain some experience. It is connected with your plan. You might try to gain skills, which you will be able to take advantage in your future work of (and they don’t have to be gained in your dream field of work). Try to meet as many people from your future field. They are experienced and they can keep advising you during your learning process.

  • Don’t stop learning

Having your dreamed job, doesn’t mean that you are done with learning. As I mentioned at the begining, today’s world changes with light speed and you need to keep up with it. So make sure you do and you’ll be able to sleep with peace. If you think that your profession might disappear in short future, learn something new, so you’ll have more opportunities when you are forced to look for new job.

To summarise, living in changing world requires from us much more awareness and taking responsibility for our choices. We can’t think just about present, but we should consider how our skills might help us in the future. Just in case, if what we intend to do, does not exist any more.

And with this thought I will leave you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Finding time in a busy life

Hi guys,

Today, I am going to talk about finding some time in a busy life. Propably, a lot of us would like to have a while to do something they like or just want. But sometimes it is very hard. There is a job; house to clean; family to look after; even sleeping takes great part of our day. And for most of us, this is just beginning of the list.

And where in all of this is time for ourselves? For having some relax, spending time with friends, or just sitting for an hour and read a book or watch at least one episode on netflix?There are people around us, who on a daily basis keep choosing between going out with their friends and sleeping 4 hours less than usually. There are some, who will try to multitask (and I used to be one of this second group), but very often it turns out, that quality of their work decreased a lot. On the other hand, not all activities you can do at the same time. I mean, you can listen to a podcast you always wanted, while eating or brushing your teeth; but it would become more chanellenging if you would try to do so while solving very complicated math equations. At the same time, if you want to do two projects requiring same tools (for example computer), you can just more or less effectively keep switching between the two. I would not call it a multitasking, any way.

Another option is to cut a bits of time out of everyday’s activities. One hour less of sleeping; meals quicker to prepare (but not always healthier); taking 10 minutes shower, instead of half an hour bath (this is actually quite good, not only for your time, but also better for environment); and so on. I know people, who are getting very creative about cutting the time. One of my friends for example, started ordering food from restaurants, so she saved at least one hour daily (money wise it hasn’t look so well, I suppose). Her sister, on the other hand, did cut her beautiful hair, just to save time needed to take care of them…

But I don’t think, that cutting time from everyday activities will help you as much. It might be a good start, but I think, that amount of time we have for particular activities depends on how we prioritise them. I watched one of the TedTalks episode, where that women said (sorry, I forgot her name) about another business women, who claimed not to have time. However, when her basement have been flooded, she could manage to find seven hours (I believe) in one week, just to get it sorted. It’s almost full day in a full-time job! By the way, this episode has introduced me to this idea, I have just adapted it, as I can’t disagree with it.

I can understand it, because, even when I was back in Poland and I was working in two part-time jobs plus full time study, I could find a time to visit my grandma every day, when she was ill or to spend huge amount of time in government institution, when hard way I’ve learnt that I need to pay my tax every year (yeah, I know, I was very clever and prepared adult-to-be 😉 ). This was priority for me at that time and I couldn’t just let it go (well, technically I could, but being judged for not paying taxes at the age of 16 haven’t been something I dreamed of; actualy it was the sceariest thing at that time).

So, if there is something very important, you want to achieve, but somehow you can’t find time for it, think how your time is being used. Were these activities more important than this particular thing? Propably, quality time with people who mean a lot for you, might be more important; but about watching new episode on netflix or scrolling facebook’s feed… Well, I am not so sure. However, I am no the one to judge. You are the only person, who knows what is important in your life, so just think about it and do what is best for you.

And with this I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


7th day: can we expect unexpected?

Hi guys,

Today has been a very hard day, as I was sick all day (well, I am still sick). So after my GP appointment, I’ve spent the entire day in bed. It wasn’t too bad and still I’ve done some stuff. Obviously not so much as I wished, but better this than nothing 😉

But before I’ll procceed to this, I would like to tell you about something I’ve heard recently (I am not sure where, propably on the radio or someone told me). So it was story of one man from my city back home, who hasn’t turn out in work, because his son had an accident. He hasn’t informed his boss either, explaining that he simply hasn’t thought about this that particular time (and of course I can understand that). But what was the main point of his story, that because of this he had been fired.

His boss’ explanaition was, that he has used his days off for unexpected situations (short explanation from me: in Poland, except holidays planned in advance, you have few days off for unexpected situation and you need to inform your boss same day about fact, that you are not going to come. As far as I know, you don’t need to tell what is the reason and it depends on where you work, but usually you have up to ten days every year).

And here is my question: can we really expect, that something unexpected is going to happen, let’s say tomorrow? He used his days off before (and I have no idea whether he had any good reason or just laziness won), but could he predict, that this particular day, something is going to happen to his son?

We have saying in Poland, which we can translate like: “misfortunes always walk in company” or the other one: “if something is about to tumble down, everything will collapse at the same time” (sorry for translation, but I hope you’ve got my point). But why I’ve brought it here is, that sometimes we have many years in our live, when anything really serious happen. But the other day, we are just realizing, that it was just silence before the storm and out of a sudden evrything goes wrong. We think we’ve sorted one problem, but many more are coming almost straight away.

So can we really be sure, that ten days is enough to sort everything what might come unexpectedly?

Giving certain amount of days for unexpected things is actually a try to expect, that there will be no more of unexpected situations than let’s say our ten days. But unfortunatelly it doesn’t work like that.

And when I’ve realized that, I’ve started to feel very sorry for this man. I don’t know him, but at the time, when he really needs work, to be able to pay for his son’s rehabilitation, he loses it. While he should be able to sort it out on his own, he has to ask other people for donation, otherwise his child might not be able to walk.

This scares me actually. Not only his case, it could happen to every one. We can even have great, well-paid job, but something happen and out of a sudden we can lose people who are the most important for us and any amount of money is going to help us.

That’s why I’m requesting you, to always be gratefull for what and, the most important, who you have around you. And always appreciate what people do for you, especially your family and friends. They are the one, who helped you become who you are at the moment, so no matter how busy you are, find some time to let them feel, that they are important for you. And in case of any emergency, they will always be there, to help or just support you. Remember that.

Ok, but finishing my thoughts, let’s move to my goals.

First of all I wasn’t active today 🙁 but this time it wasn’t my fault, so I feel not too bad about it 😉

I’ve done some Arabic excercises – checked 🙂

One HTML lesson – checked:)

And I’ve red a lot – checked 🙂
It isn’t huge amount of work, but quite a lot of time I’ve spent on sleeping (today I alowed myself – getting better is important 😉 ), so I am glad of whatever it is any way 😉

And for today I am going to finish this post and I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all very productive day and as less unexpected events (at least those bad one) as possible. Have a good time.